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Excrement and urine is raised bead pollute economy of pearl of serious Liang Zih
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Beautiful pearl is raised by excrement and urine unexpectedly big

On the highway that leads to Liang Zihu area, have a marked banner: "Welcome to Hua Zhongzhen bead the first town " . This town is called east channel town, it is reported, whole town is raised now have pearl 26 thousand mus, last year pearl crop 71 tons.

On September 5, the reporter follows Liang Zihu division " pearl Number One Scholar " Chen Xujin, come to the side of his pearl pond. He is delimiting boat, agitato carries a mussel of a few pearl to say to the reporter, he raised pearl many mus 40.

On pond bank a low bank of earth between fields, piling up a few bag. Chen Xujin says, these bag use carry to install fertilizer, some installs duck dung, some installs chemical fertilizer. Growing because of pearl mussel in the process, want to eat plankton, if do not cast fertilizer, water system won't produce plankton, pearl also grows discomfort, long not quite.

  Go after benefit bead farming super- be restricted to breed

Last year in August, province agriculture hall and combination of bureau of province environmental protection are issued ban raise the file that is restricted to raise pearl (E Nong is sent [2007]90 date) , set among them: Forbidden mix in beauty spot large and medium-sized pearl breeds in lake library; Forbidden cast fertilizer breed aquatics; Surface of strict control unit breeds density, hang raise density to must not exceed 500 / mu; Etc.

Will mix 8 days on September 5, channel is pressed down east " pearl expert " , Zhang Mingjun of chairman of association of pearl of E Zhou city tells a reporter, according to the requirement of environmental protection, this town is in all the time carry out " kind green pisciculture, the water quality that earth up fertilizer " " health breed aquatics " mode. Namely, undertake to pond piscine bead is mixed raise, through planting green grass feeds a fish, steak gives the green dung that come, can raise pearl again.

But the reporter interviews discovery, cast fertilizer to raise pearl to be compared in this town general, and pearl is hanged raise density Yuan Chao every mus of 500 demarcate.

"Pearl Number One Scholar " Chen Xujin says, he is observing the color of pearl water system everyday, the color that differs in morning and evening according to surface undertakes casting fertilizer. Do not cast fertilizer to be no good, in his pond, every mus are hanged raising pearl mussel 3000. After because pond executes piscine bead to mix,be being raised, only grass carp browses, but the fish such as silver carp, bighead, metropolis and pearl mussel are contended for feed plankton.

Pond pollutes instead to raise fingerling lotus

Association of pearl of city of state of another name for Hubei province introduces, professor of college of Ceng Youwu Han Mou leads a graduate student, come round east water quality of assay of channel town sampling, the water quality that maintains here as a result is good, without pollution, this carries out the result of mode of health breed aquatics just about.
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