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American geological institute inspects Zhu Jizhen bead industry and city of gem
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On September 15, investigation group of geological institute of United States of orgnaization of international gem authority is arrived at all and, inspect Zhu Jizhen bead operation of city of gem of He Huadong international is opposite development existing state of affairs of the industry of pearl industry urge action. Make an on-the-spot investigation this, it is American geological institute the share of main task research that expands to global pearl industry and market. Before this, the investigation group inspected guest of law of He Fei of pearl of ground of Polynesia big brook, Australia early or late the industry of pearl of seawater of southern Asia bead, Japan grows a condition.

Investigation group member was listened to above all all and Zhao Yuanen of city deputy mayor is right Zhu Jizhen bead integral introduction of the industry, subsequently the investigation group is in firm of city of gem of Zhao mayor, Hua Dongguo border to lead accompany next visitting market of first phase of city of gem of Hua Dongguo border. Visited pearl farm and processing factory afternoon, understood the breed aquatics of pearl and treatment process in detail. Investigation group member is right concept of class of the extensive great dimensions of city of gem of Hua Dongguo border, market, lead, and to pearl industry drive admire unceasingly, to Zhu Jizhen bead of the industry had the knowledge that visits its area more formidably.

GIA of American geological institute held water 1931, the blame of card of the diamond that is the United States and whole world, lapidary ancient bronze mirror, education and the authority that expand research profits orgnaization, there is minute of school in the 10 many countries such as England, Italy, Russia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan and area, it is the authority that card of the United States and global diamond grade, lapidary education, ancient bronze mirror and pearl report and studies development. In recent years, pearl is encircled in international jeweller in the market is bigger and bigger, present the trend that rises stage by stage, pearl industry already became the important research of American geological institute to extend a domain.

All and the industrial center that is pearl of world fresh water, not only have occupy pearl of world fresh water year total output 73% , the whole nation year total output the powerful property basis of 80% above, more have the world's greatest fresh water pearl to trade center -- city of gem of Hua Dongguo border. Fixed position of city of gem of Hua Dongguo border trades for world pearl gem center, total program area is amounted to 1.2 million smooth rice, among them first phase market 2380 berth / stall building practice, already entered be stationed in pearl, Bao Yushi, crystal, miscellaneous stone, adorn taste the businessman outside waiting for more than 1000 within the country. The operation of city of gem of Hua Dongguo border, what huge raised pearl of Chinese fresh water is famous spend and consequence, drove Zhu Jizhen strongly bead industrial development.
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