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Does overproduction make Chinese pearl loses luster?
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Of Shanghai jewelry store display the price that wears on one string to string together pearl more conspicuous than the gem that glow: Brandish manganese aim hays ┱ of suddenly of crime Jia  washs with watercolors Tiao of Zou of collect of Qi endowment colourful in all bad?0 yuan.

The Wang Caijiao that is engaged in pearl selling the business to already had 7 years (sound) say:  of discharge of elder brother of  of  of  of confused of eddy of graceful Song of Lv of coat ampling Yang washing with watercolors makes fun of excuse me of  Can  holding sb in respectful awe!

To peasant worker worker and worker, this is a good news probably, because pearl price drops,can be opposite and for the pearl industry that high pearl figure is damaged and can'ts bear painfully, it is a bad news however. Nowadays, chinese local government fears pearl breed aquatics gives laky cause an environment to destroy with reservoir, already began to control pearl production.

Scholar of Shanghai marine university expresses, go two years, because crop is exorbitant, pearl industry situation not beautiful, should reduce an amount, improve quality. Now, every kilograms of pearl can not make the farmer that breeds pearl only 2000 yuan, can be in 10 old before, every kilograms can earn 20 thousand at most multivariate.

Association of headgear of Chinese gem jade says on its website, 2007, chinese pearl crop is 1600 tons about, occupy the 95% above of whole world total output.

The cheap pearl on the market mostly outside and coarse, what go up with the necklace in inn of king colour charming is same. The natural seawater pearl with elegant appearance can sell about a hundred 10 thousand dollars.

A large number of pearl that Chinese pearl industry produces let an environment pay heavy price. Produce the rate of pearl to quicken Bei Bang, farmer to the lake that breeds pearl fertilizer puts in in water, make lake water muddy, show virescent, sending out toward contact bad smell.

An expert says Guangdong Zhongshan university:  of Duo of ┟ of the door that make  smooth with a rake breaks through   ?00 kilogram pearl does not compare production 20 kilograms more make money, this are very important. " the Polynesia is belonged to in the law that breeds pearl of big brook ground, local guild makes crop plan, and control market admittance strictly. The pearl that did not reach lapidary grade level cannot treat as gem sells.

Current, the quality of pearl of Chinese fresh water has begun promotion. The expert thinks, if breed proper, and reduce the density of the Bei Bang in the pond, lengthen breed period, the quality of pearl of Chinese fresh water will be more adjacent Japan and south Pacific Area appearance is fruity luster, price is high much briny pearl.

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