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Raise actor becomes industrialization of Dou Changnong course of study situation
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Walk into Jiangxi to save Kang Cun of Yuan of town of port of prosperous county Xu, the bumper harvest that fruit employment base greets again and again of a great achievements again year, this base has more than mus 400, invest many yuan 80, basically cultivate peach of 9 Jiang Shuili, become known, orange, Chinese chestnut, Yang Mei to wait, base production value already amounted to 1 million yuan this year, the villager is produced from fruit industry middleaged gain profit more than yuan 70, average per capita is added receive more than yuan 3000. This is prosperous county is with the market oriented, source of as a way of is rely on, through deciding dominant industry, execute region composition, rely on bibcock to drive, raise actor becomes agricultural industrialization an epitome of common people of situation belt rich one party.

Condition of zoology of Dou Changfa brandish the advantage with advantageous, more resource, increase strength of agricultural structural adjustment, breed expand characteristic industry. This county key increases pair of dominant properties breed, advance " one countryside one course of study " , " one village is tasted " industrialization brand construction, aquatic product of fruit of main attack forest, special type, pearl machines pear of water of material of vegetable of industry of 3 big dominant and live pig, commodity, Chinese traditional medicine, 9 rivers, cultivate birds breed aquatics, farming the industry of characteristic of 7 large area such as by-product treatment. Current, this county village of 120 characteristic industry, village village has industry of a dominant. Pearl of village of door of Qiu of week brook town breeds village of west lake of 10 thousand treatment, countryside pear of 9 rivers water helps advance somebody's career, and add up to cultivate of village of countryside bank lake birds breed aquatics " one village is tasted " confused of professional village extraordinary splendour is shown. Entire county vegetable sows an area to amount to already went to 70 thousand mus, fruit, medicinal material grows an area each 60 thousand mus, special type aquatic product twenty-one thousand four hundred tons, production value 460 million yuan.

Dou Changfu holds bibcock enterprise to do do greatly strong, drive construction of agricultural industrialization base, structural adjustment of stimulative agriculture industry and farmer are added close. This county holds to the principle of adjust measures to local conditions, outstanding distinguishing feature, the development that pushs the dominant industry such as vegetable, aquatic product, medicinal material, fruit expands, form introduce expand a bibcock, drive an industry, arisen a base, liven one party economy, the linkage effect of common people of rich one party. Come nearly 3 years village of pearl of aquatic product of Jiangxi Po lake, Jiangxi limited company, Jiangxi the settle of key bibcock enterprise such as limited company of 9 Jiang Kaiyuan food prosperous, science management and dimensions are managed reveal benefit. Those who be in bibcock enterprise drive, build stage by stage removed industry of vegetable, medicinal material, fruit, aquatic product, pasturage industry of 5 big pillar. Build industry of an aquatic product, fruit, spin to wait for enterprise of dimensions industrialization bibcock 29, year sale amounts to 1 billion yuan of above. Enterprise of agricultural industrialization bibcock drives base development, stimulative zoology brand is built. Add level of a state and 10 provincial agriculture standardization newly this year to set an example area, 4 produce do not have base of social effects of pollution, register 57 produce trademark, among them famous label 3, 4 do not have aquatic product of social effects of pollution, produce of organic, green amounts to 44. This county perfects the interest coupling mechanism of farmer and bibcock enterprise, market, encourage and guide agent of village group cadre, professional large family, country to initiate establish the intermediary organization such as farmer major cooperation and produce major society. Established the farmer major cooperation such as shellfish of birds course of study, yam, pearl early or late 34, offer antenatal for the farmer, produce medium, postpartum service, erect farmer enters the bridge of the market. Entire county has 1366 farmer to pass " company consortium farmer " , the characteristic such as development vegetable, pearl, yam " order " agriculture more than mus 30 thousand. Meng Sheng of Feng of earthy pond town is gotten do east since cooperation of big birds course of study runs 1 year, already developed join in farmer 120, year breed 3 yellow chicken 3 million, year gross income 30 million yuan, member average per capita is added receive more than yuan 8000.
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