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The law belongs to big brook ground Chinese head is rich, " pearl king " to visi
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A few days ago, pacific Ocean insularity, law belongs to big brook ground south famous Chinese head rich, " pearl king " Wen Huiren arrives visit an our city, be withered day of flourish by the deputy mayor interview. It is reported, big brook ground already was destination of Chinese citizen travel at be being opened formally yesterday.

Dongguan of Wen Huiren ancestral home, it is the law belongs to live abroad of big brook ground to get, Chinese head king of rich, gem, run group of world-renowned jewelry industry " ROBERT WAN " , consumer of brand development beauty, law, European Union in the heart, he by the United States " times " the magazine is judged for " pearl king " .

In concerned personnel accompany below, wen Huiren visited world culture bequest all right from force village watchtower group He Kaiping establishs garden, run from opposite directions the overseas Chinese culture with deep countryside of smooth live abroad expresses wonderment, think here was full of harmonious beauty.

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