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Industry gem brand is homonymic draw near a phenomenon is not little
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These two days of Shenzhen international gem that can exhibiting a center to hold are exhibited, before attracting large quantities of citizens, go looking around. Nevertheless, many people look exhibition hind to be mirrorred, present gem brand is homonymic of the same surname, even the name is alike true still many, zhou Dajin, the brand such as blessing, Zhoudasheng cans be found everywhere Saturday, looking not carefully to be these brand mistake really easily still is famous gem brand Zhoudafu, 6 blessing, Zhousheng is born.

In an exhibition hall that gem exhibits, do not have two actually to 500 meters distance the name is " Jin Zhizun " gem ginseng postpones business. But the reporter discovers through understanding ability, this ginseng that the name is company of jewelry of Shenzhen town Jin Zhizun jewelry postpones business, actually with well-known Hong Kong Jin Zhizun trademark a bit kin is done not have. The staff member of this company expresses, their company is in The Ministry of Commerce and Industry the door put on record 2004 register, the Jin Zhizun brand of Hong Kong has not entered Shenzhen market at that time. And their business basically is what enchase kind of gem with small is wholesale give priority to, the course of costly and artistic gem that with Hong Kong Jin Zhizun takes differs completely. To avoid to misunderstand, they still change the retail brand name of own company Wo Erzuan.

Interview ministry of human affairs of administration of limited company of jewelry of gem of Shenzhen Jin Zhizun Mr Dai: Be coincidence only, we are registered is company name, they are brand names, far from same.

For all that, but homonymic phenomenon still exists, have " Jin Zhizun " the controller of group of Feng Jinye science and technology expresses the Hong Kong constant of the brand, homonymic, draw near the phenomenon of the name is in what is jewelry industry any more new issue, exist to be drawn near like the famous gem brand such as Zhoudafu, Zhou Shengsheng the circumstance of the name, smooth this year their enterprise has discovered 4 in Guangdong area the name is " Jin Zhizun " jewelry company.

Interview Xie Qixiang of vice president of group of science and technology of line of business of gold of abundant of Hong Kong constant: We spend a lot of time to foster a brand to develop a product they one apply mechanically is affected to us very big.

Interview a citizen: A lot of names let person misunderstanding think the product of subordinate company buys Zhoudafuke to be able to not take care to buy like the likelihood Saturday blessing.

The controller of group of science and technology of line of business of gold of abundant of Hong Kong constant expresses, draw near to these 4 an enterprise, they already to the country industrial and commercial total bureau is informed against, have 3 among them already more the name is remained now this one, they are returned will to Shenzhen industrial and commercial bureau undertakes informing against, consider judicatory program to safeguard rights and interests.
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