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Skin beauty quizs in vain
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Q: We need to provide a what kind of environment for skin, can ability achieve true Bai Xi?
A: Oxidation, the skin that can let original Bai Xi resembles the apple of rusty spot, to assure the absolutely effect that beat back oxidation erodes, must want to hold back the element of all oxidation, such ability achieve true Bai Xi.
Q: Why to grow as the age, is splash more and more apparent?
A: Because pigment also has accumulation process, and the age is bigger, metabolism is slower, autolysis ability is weaker. Must use at that time a few contain the beauty that refuses ageing class status to protect skin to taste in vain, it can decompose oxidation of melanin, beat back.
Q: What kind of skin, can you draw beautiful white part most?
A: It is wet skin of course. Before so the proposal is using beautiful white product, join keep wet face film, of the exudation that because restrain leather fat,it meets and sweat evaporate and make skin temperature rises, stimulative blood circulates, make pore is stretched, increase cutaneous permeability thereby, and those who promote follow-up beautiful Bai Jinghua absorb.
Q: The person of drying and sensitive skin, how should select beautiful white product?
A: A lot of brands are now when white product of beauty of research and development, can ask doctor of professional dermatological department, have clinical test, ensure the ability after safety can appear on the market. The proposal skin to extremely easy allergy, before product of choose and buy, inside of close comfortable artifice does the skin to check. To the person that drying skins, can choose the United States white with protect wet effect to hold concurrently provide maintain article, kill two birds with one stone, obtain flesh of embellish white beauty easily.
Q: Vitamin C is very common beautiful white composition it seems that, why a lot of big brands however all the more regard highly it?
A: Large price of big brand flower, flower is big time goes studying the use with vitamin more extensive, more thorough C, because it has efficient beautiful white function,be, already can activation cell, can promote collagen albumen synthesis again, suit to worry about anile crowd particularly; In the meantime, vitamin C is the part that contains in human body skin, have high security, although sensitive skin also can be used.

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