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Frost of eye of mineral water pearl makes a method
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Frost of eye of mineral water pearl
Pearl eye frost can fight ageing effectively, fight freedom radical, blood of stimulative eye ministry circulates, protect wet skin, prevent the generation of furrow and black eye socket
The cost that make: 10 yuan
Applicable and of all kinds skin is qualitative
Material buys the land: Drugstore and supermarket
Material: Tremella 30 grams, pearl powder 5 grams, mineral water a few.
Effect: Ministry of embellish supercilious look skins, enhance the flexibility that eye ministry skins, eliminate black eye socket.
Use method: Take canthus of 4 Tu Yu and eye week every time, begin from between the eyebrows around eye daub.
The method that make:
1, tremella is put into boiler, join a few water, small fire is boiled slow to boil thick juice.
2, put pearl powder, agitate is even, in bottle is being loaded after waiting for refrigeration, put freeze inside freezer.
Save a method: In loading bottle, put freeze inside freezer, 2 give out inside week can.

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