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Expert of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says: How spot of ability scien
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Want scientific dispel spot does not relapse, we must know the real cause that splash forms above all.
External cause wind blows radiate of insolation, pollution these external cause make cell of skin surface layer is damaged, a few harmful material with respect to infiltrate through skin, can form splash.
Decline of function of interior of internal cause human body, endocrinopathy, cause system inside " block of gas blood Yu " , gas blood not free also can cause melanin deposit, form splash.
So, consenescence of in-house endocrinopathy, function and exterior wind blow insolation, radiate to erode two reasons to cause the formation of splash.
When major female encounters splash problem, often choose profess to convinced alone only or outside the product of besmear. Because cannot solve the internal cause that splash forms and external cause at the same time, dispel spot result is bad of course.
   Expert of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says: How spot of ability science dispel?
One, the method wants science
Dispel spot needs " outside besmear " " profess to convinced "
Since splash is,mix by interior exterior two reasons cause, so, want dispel spot, scientific method is to pass " outside besmear " " profess to convinced " because undertake,treat in the light of inside and outside at the same time.
Besmear connects the besmear outside passing outside, give depth to skin surface alimentary, have repair to the splash that already appeared thereby, form defence to new exterior harm.
To be taken orally passes to be taken orally only, age of internal cause of body of ability get through grows and form " block of gas blood Yu " , adjust blood of endocrinopathy, benefiting gas, recover human body young, thereby from go up at all put an end to splash generate again.
Use for a long time, the nutrition that still can increase skin depth, improvement circulates, be opposite at the same time splanchnic undertake recuperating, achieve the result that maintains 20 years old of skin for a long time thereby.
2, choice product wants science
Dispel spot wants namely " suit the remedy to the case "
Had scientific method, we still need to choose really effective product to ensure the effect of dispel spot. In numerous product, we more recommend use traditional Chinese medicine to follow name product.
Because, medicines and chemical reagents is tasted unlike cosmetic and health care, the base that Chinese traditional medicine develops is rigorous pharmacodynamics action and clinical test and verify is effective, medicines and chemical reagents is examined and approve and of monitoring rigorous the assurance that is pair of patients. Like colleague hall spot of the dispel that raise flourish creams even if outside the medicines and chemical reagents of besmear, take pure Chinese traditional medicine pithy, function advocate treat skin of the spot that it is disappear, embellish, direct needle to facial have treatment. The fluid of profess to convinced of manage aerification Yu of colleague hall also is medicines and chemical reagents, its advocate controlling a function is spot of gas of travel of invigorate the circulation of blood, disappear,
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