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The expert recommends DIY hairdressing
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A lot of females have the experience that makes DIY hairdressing in the home, make hairdressing face film with off-the-peg him vegetables and fruits, everybody thinks to use these natural material to do hairdressing to taste more safe, but the expert admonishs, oneself start work DIY can want killer of skin of the hidden in careful material.
The safe DIY that the cosmetologist recommends ●
The female people that goes after life character always is in DIY obtain appeal and joy -- , make the clothing to dot, do cate to family, make face film to oneself...
Recommend two safer and effective DIY face film here
Gram goes knitting face film:
1. The gram pink that regards face film as matrix (must use organic mung bean! Much in machine of the burnish that feed capable person make some of time, pulverous meeting is more meticulous) one teaspoon is put in vitreous bowl (of course you also can use 啫 Li quality of a material protect Shi Shuang to regard face film matrix as better) ;
2. Join have strengthen hairdressing composition to guide those who absorb the effect is mineral defend wet ionic water (can use protect wet make up water) probably 2-3 teaspoon;
3. Join go to a few knitting elite element (with the home in already some elite element are OK, do not be restricted brand) ;
4. With small brush agitate even (small brush is very convenient, facilitating agitate also facilitates brush apply to be on the face directly) to not drippy;
5. Face film is finished! Wen Yiwen, very sweet gram faint scent. Brush above it is OK that velar apply is cleaned clean after 10 minutes!
This film suits very much ripe age skin summer is used.
Film of beautiful flour of bright skin of the seed of Job's tears:
1. Will organic the seed of Job's tears makes noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch with arrange machine, about one teaspoon puts vitreous bowl;
2. Join 2-3 spoon mineral defend wet water;
3. Add element of several beauty white elite;
4. With small brush agitate even;
5. Face film is finished! Apply slips on the face slippery, apply is washed clean after 10 minutes, the skin shines in vain instantly!
● is invisible in our commonly used material skin killer
Aloe, cucumber -- , although they have the United States' antiphlogistic or white effect, but because still contain excitant material and sensitive material among them, may cause cutaneous allergy and return black oh.
Citric -- , very good, contain rich vitamin C, but the VC of excessive can have to the skin corrode, the content of pure VC in cosmetic of regulation of a lot of states cannot exceed 7% .
Egg white -- , what should remain inside caution is microbial, meeting pollution affects your skin.
Honey -- , be in Chinese square in it is very good alimentary composition, but special to blain blain has inflammation to the skin of cut is about caution, the candy branch in honey makes semiotic aggravate.
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