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How to divide blain thoroughly with pearl powder?
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  Pearl powderthe MM love the United States with hairdressing about the same effect knows, use natural pearl powder opportunely the purify blain with face OK and effective film, below the hope film of a few pearl powder faces, the MM that can let grow blain blain is harvested somewhat.
1, film of face of pearl powder egg white:
0.25g of accept rice pearl powder, namely a capsule is so much, 1/4 eggs are clear. Blend adequately, besmear is in facial, besmear as far as possible a bit thicker, the meeting is very otherwise quick dry, 15-20 after minute abluent, the skin becomes very slippery later very slippery, pearl powder has composed effect, the blain blain that divides allergy is very effective.
I had made this face film when long blain, it is egg white worked too easily only, egg white still flows is everywhere, often can hold to ten minutes only, want scour off immediately, after finishing, just feel the place that blain does not have on the face is smoother at that time, the feeling of other of it doesn't matter, because feel troublesome, so this face film does Debuduo. The person with allergic to egg white attention does not make this face film. If the egg that is put in freezer is used to make face film in summer, the feeling is more comfortable. Return OK and contractive pore. Contractive of course pore is not to rely on to make face film a few times with respect to effectual, the job that wants cleanness to accuse oily filling water only at ordinary times has been done, pore also is met slowly decrescent. Fight consenescence even of course, originally petty pore greatens slowly, also be one of character of skin consenescence.
   2, film of face of pearl powder clear water:
Apply to summer and oily skin. This law agrees with only extremely fineness pearl powder of tall rice of immortal bird accept, it is easier that reason is absorbed through the skin, although be used only,clear water also can make face film. Specific method is: Face of the Xian Jie before sleeping every night and blot moisture, take 0.15g to control accept rice pearl powder, on face of even Tu Yu, dip in with finger a few clear water, the circle is hit to be massaged gently on the face, after several minutes, white pearl powder disappears. Need not clean, morrow morning washs a face by normal method can. If can fill again in the morning, the effect is much better. But this method applies to oily skin to perhaps mix sexual skin only.
When winter is dry or drying cutaneous person, ought to avoid to use membrane method of clear water face.
This face film grows blain in me when, I am those who use most, can take out my blain, it can have great merit service. Some girls use this face film, may feel to work, be about to change clear water into aloe juice, or tea tree pure dew. Nevertheless external use can wipe smallpox temporarily only, want complete disappear blain, still want to be taken orally, this is the experience of myself.
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