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Go blain imprints methodological encyclopedia
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Long blain blain lets many MM have a headache for it on the face, but as long as processing is proper, letting blain blain subsidise go down is a simpler thing, more serious is leave blain to imprint on the face carelessly, what bother than growing blain blain then is very much, above all the classification that we analyse general blain to imprint first, see the method that blain imprints together again next, the MM that hopes to one kind suits to leave blain to imprint people.
One, general blain imprints cent becomes a few kinds:
Mark of 1. gules spot
After blain blain agnail, hemal meeting is outspread. But the blood-vessel after disappear goes down can not shrink immediately go down, formed one by one flatly provisionality erythema of Gong Gong. Generally speaking, such erythema is normally average for make an appointment with left and right sides of half an year to be able to disappear automatically.
The pigment after 2. agnail precipitates
The place that the pigment precipitation after inflammation can make had grown red blain blain stays black dirty dirty color. These color can disappear by oneself slowly actually.
3. sunken hole
When injury and dermal collagen albumen are too much, leave sunken hole because of true cutaneous cave in likely. Once sunken hole gives birth to achievement to won't disappear automatically. Must want to rely on laser to wear a skin ability can be saved.
4. crab is sufficient swollen
The blain blain with these special constitutions a group of things with common features, the fiber mother cell of dermal layer too too active. The end after result derma gets hurt because of inflammation not only not be sunken go down, it is raised instead the crab that will become fleshy is sufficient swollen.
2, go blain imprints encyclopedia
Energy of 1. snow flesh goes blain imprints law
If have monetary foundation and capacity, might as well the energy of flesh of ace product snow that uses KOSE. This is more expensive, but major Mm is used or have remarkable effect, it can undertake blanching to whole face ministry, the effect that element imprints with can having desalt blain blain.
Use method:
Film of 1) paper face, immerse completely in KOSE inside essence of officinal snow flesh.
2) has complete dip KOSE the face film paper of essence of officinal snow flesh is stuck on the face, apply probably 10 minutes, again the cream on besmear. Probably Wednesday second enough.
2.Pearl powder Egg Qing Dynasty goes blain imprints law
Pearl powder and gallinaceous egg white are to have the effect that skins in vain with the United States undisturbedly, will both mix present film together to use, not only skin will be silkier and silkier, the trace of blain blain uses a method:
1) takes the albumen of an unripe egg, the interblend of officinal pearl powder that controls an amount with 10 grams closes.
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