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Big S beautiful Bai Xin is gotten
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Taiwan star big S, love motion to become in one's childhood " black younger sister " , because this begins to seek consummate skill of door of beautiful Bai Du from 17 years old, brought up eventually " white like fluorescent lamp " good skin is qualitative. "Like wanting to resemble me white, some food are absolutely inedible, include 9 towers, caraway, celery, red turnip and Chinese flowering quince. 9 towers, caraway and celery contain agent suction light, sunshine skin is encountered to blacken easily after eating them; Red turnip and Chinese flowering quince eat much later, bask in possibly so that slant red or it is to slant yellow. I tell everybody with beautiful white experience of ten years, want the United States to be about to eat these food below more in vain: Vitamin C, almond, milk, soya-bean milk andPearl powder! "

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