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Have the beauty that come out
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"Seed of Zun Xuan C, grape, Pearl powderHelp you become Bai Xi's immaculate beautiful woman " ; The beautiful flesh of profess to convinced that faces full of beautiful things in eyes maintains article, how should choose ability to eat truly after all piece be full of light to collect, resilient skin, eat piece by inside the beauty outside arriving? A few this years hairdressing course of study, pharmaceutical factory marchs in a large-scale beautiful flesh of profess to convinced tastes the market, roll out seed of C of collagen albumen, Zun Xuan, grape to reach Chinese the product such as square Chinese traditional medicine, wait with liquid, lozenge, capsule different model state is published. The commodity of full of beautiful things in eyes lets those who love belle sex shop desire formicate, be immersed in affection and sensible belligerence: Had these things, I will be more beautiful! But are they effective really? Be worth to make pouch exsanguine?
In fact, beautiful flesh of to be taken orally maintains tasting is effective really, but not be avery kind of has afore-mentioned magical effect, also have composition of a lot of hairdressing or element, of external use those who compare to be taken orally is effective, be to be taken orally a little those who compare external use is effective, choose beautiful flesh of profess to convinced to maintain so when tasting, must notice among them composition, also should be clear about what the body tastes to these maintaining to absorb a principle roughly.
All-around make 100% beautiful woman
Besides rely on external use of to be taken orally outside beautiful skin, defence also is strengthened in daily life, ability becomes 100% beautiful woman.
1. Segregation is prevented basking in is crucial
Because the skin is natural,furrow generation is ageing, and external environment is caused to skin damage, especially the ultraviolet influence in the sun is the biggest, no matter what season should avoid direct insolation.
2. Filling water is protected wet it is a foundation
Dry the skin that lacks water, resemble the apple of sere ageing, bestrew grain. The attention is protected wet, let the skin hold the position in high full water, stretch fiber and collagen albumen are not easy prediction of a person's luck in a given year, microgroove won't appear.
3. Good Morpheus is recipe
The woman that stay up late is the easiest and anile, because nightly skin undertakes metabolism ceaselessly, it is the optimal period of time that updates maintenance naturally, enough sleep ability makes the skin red-blooded reach resistance.
4. Be far from smoke wine is necessary
The nicotine composition in cigarette can make the skin vasomotor, quicken furrow to form. And drink to be able to reduce cutaneous grease amount, accelerate moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year, affect skin grease to balance.
Beauty of profess to convinced has his moment the whole world
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