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DIY face film
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Everybody wants to have smooth and meticulous skin, film of face of a few kinds of DIY introduces below, let you realize a dream.
Film of DIY chamfer qualitative face
Material: Yoke 1, whole milk powder and oatmeal are spoon of each 2 tea, citric essence of life is oily 1
Practice: Will above east east agitate is become mushy, apply is on the face
Smooth index: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
Beautiful recipe: Yoke has moist effect, lemon is a kind of fruit acid. Can purify dead skin, make the skin smooth.
Applicable: The personnel of bagman, advertisement personage that often runs outside

DIY keeps wet face film
Material: Paper wraps delicacy to suckle 1, yoke 1, white sandalwood essence is oily 1
Practice: Will 3 person mix hit to face of the apply after bubbling
Keep wet index: ★ of ★ ★ ★
Beautiful recipe: Yoke has moist effect to drying skin.
Applicable: 25-35 year old the female that often lives below office air conditioning.

Film of DIY beauty Bai Danban scale
Material: Honey 2 tea spoon, albumen 1, pearl powder a few, citric essence is oily 1
Practice: above material smooth into mushy, direct besmear is in facial ministry.
Weak spot index: ★ ★ ★
Beautiful recipe: Citric essence oil has beautiful white bright skin, purify cutaneous action, Pearl powderNo matter to be taken orally still is external use, have the United States' white effect. Applicable: All sorts of ages have spot public figure, but the female is mixed in gestation menses careful with.

DIY discharges poison to purify face film
Material: Balsam pear 1, honey pink of 1 tea spoon, gram essence of 2 tea spoon, tea tree is oily a few of 1 drop, distilled water
Practice: Mud of wear of balsam pear gross, join honey, tea tree essence is oily, distilled water a few mixes divide evenly, agitate of rejoin gram pink is even can.
Discharge poisonous index: ★ of ★ ★ ★
Beautiful recipe: Balsam pear and gram pink all belong to cool sex food, have the effect of the detumescence that discharge poison, oil of tea tree essence has the effect with antiseptic disinfection, it is agent of treatment of skin of optimal scale born of the same parents, suit oily skin.
Applicable: Often stay up late, actuating pressure the big, woman that has costive problem.

Film of face of DIY oil absorption
Material: Apple two, make up cotton is right amount
Practice: Will freezing apple extracts juice, dip in wet make up cotton apply secretes exuberant place in grease.
Oil absorption index: ★ of ★ ★ ★
Beautiful recipe: The fruit acerbity composition in the apple can suck the redundant grease on the face.
Applicable: Sensibility of oily He Min skins

Film of DIY detumescence face
Material: Small cucumber 1, essence of foreign Gan Ju is oily 1
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