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Film of face of 4 different effect
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The hairdressing, classical topic that protecting skin is women forever, also more and more be taken seriously, undertake clean, platoon to skin poison, protect wet the key protecting skin in making daily living, the hairdressing on the market protects skin product by tens of thousands, face film the method of this one simple effectiveness for a given period of time times accept favour. Will bask in below bask in film of a few natural and economic sides.
   One, beer face film
The snake in beer is pitted it is a kind of refrigerant, have precaution face blister, pustular wait for action, also have strange effect to contractible pore.
The first pace: ∫ extensive post cutout is bad cereal of  of male ⊥ octogenarian sinceres [Pi
The 2nd pace: Flatter [guanidine of Pu Xin  receives younger sister why bed? or so minutes.
The 3rd pace: ⑴ of  of an ancient drinking vessel of 〕 of  Xi Ci.
The 4th pace: ⑾ of another name for Taishan Mountain of Qian of  of ∠ brigade Xi Chu makes  of approach of し Cao San  makeup low-lyingponds
  2, potato face film
Rich vitamin is contained in potato, can promote skin cell to grow, maintain skin burnish, blanch hypodermic melanin, prevent the generation of dermatitis, consequently not only can beautiful white tender skin, and can drop summerly insolation spot.
The first pace: × falls ⑽ of  of numerous ヂ of dumpling  post Bei touchs  of stalk of health dusk fierce refine pures ぁ of hesitating ⑷ テ
The 2nd pace: Extensive of guanidine of ⑷ of  of  of  of  of ブ of surname of children's hair of  of ブ of  of soak of zincic Liang  post cutout is bad graceful terpene children's hair is small
The 3rd pace:  of meat and fish dishes of cereal of instrument of children's hair of shaming bud terpene is planted twin of  of  pagoda tree dies deceive of A Chinese-style unlined garment of な of Wu of  of Chi of pure spoon of  of  of Shan of shoot a glance at of  of Jia of Di of protein of fir of  of D Ta  standing tall and upright
The 4th pace: Zou of bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase becomes rare?0 after minute abluent.
   3, yoghurt face film
Yoghurt can prevent the skin horn is changed and dry. Zinc of mineral, microelement and vitamin derivative can be the tall active inorganic that it contains skin platoon is poisonous, reduce the generation of acne.
1, will right amount yoghurt and honey are blended.
2, put oatmeal, mix mushy, make face film.
3, heat up towel apply face with, make pore is stretched, absorb nutrient easily.
4, on apply face, after 10 minutes abluent.
   4, vanishing cream prevents spot to knit set
The first kind adds 0.1 grams in 10 grams vanishing creamPearl powder, mixture modulation is become mushy, tu Yu is facial. Do every night, every time two hours, 1-3 of period of treatment month, can make facial more luster, prevent facial skin flabby.
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