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About the national level that gem jade names
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This standard is in DZ/T0044 - 93 with DZ/T0045 - of the formulate on 93 foundations. Withheld DZ/T0044 - 93 with DZ/T0045 - 93 carry out proof suits Zhongshizhong the content of our country circumstance.

This standard consulted federation of international gem headgear (CIBJO) of formulate " manual of diamond, lapidary, pearl " , and association of trade of stone of beautiful national treasure (AGTA) of formulate " gem optimizes processing manual " (Gemstoneenhancementmanual) with formulate of lapidary association of Japanese whole nation " the regulation that the definition of gem and adornment christens law " .

DZ/T0044 is replaced at the same time since the day of this standard become effective - 93 with DZ/T0045 - 93.

" gem jade " the standard includes the following two unit:

GB/T16552 - 1996 gem jade names

GB/T16553 - 1996 gem jade appraisal

The appendix A of this standard and appendix B are standard appendix.

This standard is put forward by ministry of mineral products of geology of People's Republic of China.

This standard standardizes technical committee to put in a mouth 's charge by countrywide geological mineral products.

This standard is supervised by quality of national jewelry jade examine the center is in charge of drafting.

This standard basically drafts person Zhang Beili, Gao Yan, Wang Manjun.

This standard was released first in October 1996.

This standard entrusts quality of national jewelry jade to supervise examine the center is in charge of explaining.

1 limits

Regulation of the category that this standard set gem jade, definition, denominate and represent a means;

This standard applies to the appraisal of gem jade; Also apply to activity of gem jade trade; Also should consult to custom, insurance company and gem jade imports and exports carry out.

2 cite standard

The clause that following standard place contains, through citing in this standard compose makes the clause of this standard. When the standard is published, what show version to all be effective. All standards can be edited, use this level each just should be discussed use following level the possibility of newest version.

GB/T16553 - 1996 gem jade appraisal

3 definitions and denominate are regular

Gems of 1) gem jade

(1) definition: Gem jade is pair of natural gem jade (include natural jade and natural gem, natural and organic gem) with artificial gem (include to synthesize lapidary, man-made gem, go all out add up to gem and gem of give somebody a new lease on life) a general designation, abbreviation gem.

"Gem jade " , " lapidary " the name that cannot serve as specific commodity.

(2) denominate total side: All sorts of gem jade names must call a base with what basic name listing in appendix A, the denominate regulation that in pressing appendix B and standard, sets is affirmatory.

What what the other name that did not include in appendix A basic name must add bracket when use and list in appendix A is made clear before its is akin and mineral (rock) or the gem jade name of material.
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