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How should Chinese pearl make a brand brilliant
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Pearl, all through the ages is inspected strange precious most valuable treasure, it and jade of a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center pay equal attention to, indicative and pure, perfect, exalted with authority, have " Oriental beauty person also " praise, the wife of a prince of archaic monarch emperor, amount to Guan Jugu all without exception to be flourish with pearl adornment.

The development that accompanying economy and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rise smoothly, the people consumption to headgear, becoming the another consumption heat after afterwards house property, car, home appliance, cosmetic. But, as a result of the concussion of historical reason and western culture, one of Chinese traditional culture pearl culture is feeble with each passing day, regard the pearl of traditional jewelry industry as gem, its market owns share also very little. According to statistic of a data, of the jewelry company of 56 % of our country advocate making a product is diamond, it is golden act the role ofing is tasted next, halcyon, red, sapphirine, the enterprise that gives priority to dozen of product with pearl occupies 19.5 % only. If where the size is enormous and in the gem market of constant growth, disentomb pearl culture, establish break out of an encirclement of strategy of brand foundation, implementation, make become silent long already pearl industry is put greatly " bright phearl " smooth, it is the first issue that enterprise of numerous China pearl is worth to think most.

From " a thousand pieces of gold is bought bead " " change tomato patch bead " Bo Rui China is the country of the earliest discovery, use pearl on the world, also be big country of the treatment with the most substantial natural resources of the pearl on the world and commerce -- , pearl produces per year a quantity 1500 tons, occupy the 95 % of world total output. But, production value occupies the 10 % of world total production value only however, trading business volume occupies the 20 % of the whole world only. This, having toing say is a kind of regret.

President of Inc. of pearl of be an official of Ruan of one of enterprises of Chinese famous pearl, Zhejiang Mr Wang Weizhong thinks, "Selling an ave completely pearl is " the failure that is Chinese pearl industry. China exports a large number of prices every year to and other places of Japan, Hong Kong cheap former bead, japan again these former bead terminal market is entered after treatment, price promotion comes multiple count even decuple. "Earn cry out not to make money only " , high yield is worth low value, already became the chains that restricts Chinese pearl development badly. In big talk, 3 inferior the travel tourist attraction of and other places, butcher people taste pearl act the role ofing even put in a large bamboo or wicker basket to the tourist cheap hawk, in this one basket appearance of one basket product very much the same in pearl necklace, we also cannot be searched again time be labelled by king of clear of the Qin Dynasty " implement act the role of treasure " of first " treasure bead " glamour.
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