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The hair of Japanese pearl course of study develops form
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20 centuries are inchoate, ben Xingji of wood of drive of Japanese noodle business discovers pearl oyster can earth up the secret of breed pearl. He grows to pearl of Gepu of our country Guangxi the circumstance understands very, then he uses Gepu bead oyster to breed briny pearl of Japan, the breed aquatics that succeeded 1905 eventually becomes pearl of the first circle, temporarily resounding world, drive family name also was become " pearl king " . Arrived this century 20 time are prime, japanese seawater pearl begins to throw batch production.

1920, japan begins to breed fresh water pearl, the choice is in lute lake (LakeBewa) is coastal, with mother-of-pearl mussel, its mincing, serve as the material that insert a nucleus with the farraginous inside extremely irregular mussel. Embedded need breeds body of mussel of fresh water pearl inside, although score a success, but the quality that produces pearl owes beautiful. Natural market also too won't good.

1940, japanese culturist sums up the experience lesson of pearl of fresh water of early days breed aquatics, slam the door makes nuclear way with mincing bead mother mussel, convert coat film becomes a nucleus, embedded pearl scores a success inside mussel matrix, development of aquaculture of fresh water pearl is very then rapid, at a tremendous pace, to this century 60 time, japanese pearl course of study achieves the progress of unprecedented, produce per year pearl tens of ton, become the state with most pearl of the production on the world.

1960 - 1970, it is Japanese pearl course of study the most brilliant period, pearl estate development reached peak, its produce per year a quantity to amount to 100 tons of above, highest produce per year a quantity to cross 120 tons of above unexpectedly; Seventies, produce per year pearl to measure 80-100 ton; 80 time, produce per year quantity 60-80 ton; 90 time are prime, produce per year quantity 60-70 ton, 1994 - 1995, japanese pearl course of study produces tremendous coast. Center expression to be on natural and man-made disaster, such as seawater and fresh water are polluted; Japanese Kobe produced violent temblor 1994; The disaster that breeds pearl to bring thick and fast bring about mother-of-pearl to die in great quantities. Statistic makes clear, in gross in nearly 200 million bead shellfish, have 90 million about or hold sum total the nacre of nearly 1/2 dies, cause pearl character to drop, output drops badly, briny pearl crop made an appointment with 70 tons 1993, crop was decreased 1995 it is 56 tons, decrease about 22% , was 42 tons about 1996, made an appointment with 30 tons only 1997; Crop made an appointment with more than tons 20 1998. Pearl of same fresh water also gets serious setback, produce per year a quantity to be just a little usually 10 tons, it is Japanese pearl total output about 4/5 or the 20 % that hold total output, weak nowadays drip produces per year a quantity to be not worth a ton, natural and man-made disaster creates Japanese pearl market serious atrophy, will nearly two years already 323 pearl enterprise closes down, make Japanese pearl course of study suffers serious setback.
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