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Drive Mu Benzhen the father of the pearl of bead island
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Respecting pearl, one the individual's name cannot depart with its, that is by common people praise for " the king of pearl " Japanese pearl breeds a drive Mr Mubenxingji. Allegedly inventor edison once had said, the thing that he cannot invent is diamond and pearl, will praise the success of drive wood Mr Ben Xingji with this. He is an inventor not merely, also be an entrepreneur of admire making a person. "Hold to those who produce top quality to raise only bead, japan raises bead ability the meeting is hopeful! " the foresight that this is drive wood Mr Ben Xingji, also be he is obtained " pearl king " beautiful praise one of elements.

1858, mubenxingji gives birth to drive at Japanese ternary county, begin to be engaged in when 23 years old with aquatic product, marine concerned job. Began 1880, mr Mubenxingji introduces drive China is old raise bead law to begin artificially the difficult exploration of Yo bead. 1888, he is in annals rub a small big talk of the peninsula opened farm of the first pearl, began to breed the exploration of pearl artificially. With firm volition and indefatigable effort, 1908, he breeds eventually piece round pearl, obtain patent. 1920, drive of Japanese the emperor of Japan gives one of raising cane, then drive wood Mr Ben Xingji begins famed world, pearl bound also he is address sb respectfully " the king of pearl " .

Drive wood Mr Ben Xingji made the contribution of milepost type on pearl breed aquatics not only, and there also is contribution quite on pearl management. At the beginning of 20 centuries, japan is in passive position in jewelry industry respect, it is completely " Japan is made " headgear, adorn article can saying is to exist far from. Drive wood Mr Ben Xingji belongs to his native jewelry industry to want to develop, not hesitate dispatch person goes to Europe to study abroad, learn so that the headgear of complete set makes skill, and all sorts of methods that devise headgear, bring back Japan. 1907, he opened the first " headgear atelier " , aim to create a world's top-ranking decorations -- " with the brains with clever Japanese, brave him Japanese both hands " . Drive wood Mr Ben Xingji was his individual career to found not only standard, the development of industry of more contemporary jewelry laid solid foundation.

To commemorate the king of this great pearl, drive was built on a on bird feather bay wooded island memorial hall of Mu Benxing auspicious, built pearl museum around, introduced the history of pearl and culture in detail.
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