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Start foreign brand oneself, the stumbling block of strategy of Chinese gem bran
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Chinese gem starts from onefold treatment mode, evolve into the height of brand strategy stage by stage, let compatriots is excited indeed. Below the industrial environment that promotes apparently in company brand consciousness, trade public figure thinks generally, chinese gem was greeted flourishingly development spring. But the author thinks, jewelry industry is looking be like brilliant backside, brand of gem of fine number Shenzhen, always let person sense be short of break quite much.

What did ab extra brand bring to us

The huge cake of Chinese market, provide allure extremely to global jeweller. Chinese economy flies in implementation while, make jewelry industry obtained qualitative leap on development. Of consumption level of domestic jewelry headgear rise, make brand of partial abroad gem enter Chinese gem market quickly.
Foreign a lot of developed country and area start in jewelry industry early, experienced longer development time, possess solidder than domestic jewelry inside information. These relatively mature ab extra brands enter China, formed actual openly teaching material to indigenous industry from the respect such as craft, technology, design, management, give person of jewelry of a lot of country national sense. In addition, ab extra brand also was brought to home on consumptive consciousness change ideologically, make pay attention to the outback consumer that consumes at gold, silver-colored headgear more, wait to favor somewhat gradually to halcyon, agate, pearl, had updated knowledge to gem concept.
Hong Kong is center of jewelry of gold of world information center, banking center, the 3rd pieplant, border bead trigonometry economy relatively develop area, internally jewelry industry influence is most far-reaching, it is first family status that Chinese gem contact understands ab extra brand. Up to now till, in Chinese inland retail terminal is famous in taller brand, still be brand of Hong Kong gem mostly. Ab extra brand enters domestic initiate business, have the production, development, process that sells gem product, while to enter its the industry of the enterprise just offerred obtain employment opportunity only, still offerred good study opportunity for them, developed large quantities of one management and manufacturing technology person with ability for industry of Chinese gem jewelry, effectively promoted Chinese jewel trade fast, continuously development.

True and false " foreign brand " show talent

Ab extra brand is right the wallop of Chinese gem market and the successful effect that enter outback market, make company of domestic share jewelry begins to examine all sorts of issues such as the development of oneself enterprise on thinking. The share is foreign the brand is strung together quickly in home market red, it is to let many jewelry company operator have to its adore more add.
The potential with Chinese huge market, attracted what companies of many ab extra jewelry reach a brand to enter, also raised domestic jewelry on a grand and spectacular scale ' Westernization Movement ' . Remove the jewelry company that has taken shape in home and relatively outstanding gem brand, the brand that a few jewelry companies of domestic begin to undertake dynamic " transform " . Its purpose shows and see easily, it is from " foreign " in divide up a cup of a thick soup quickly, make its product rapid make consumptive snack, short-term inside bring profit for the enterprise.
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