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Small pearl great charm
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Pearl is fruity massiness, glow, from of old people describes female and moon with it. All without exception of the wife of a prince of emperor of palace of past dynasties of at all times and in all over the world serves as the curiosa that raises Yan Baochun with pearl. Pearl is elegant adornment not only, and it is advanced hairdressing is tasted. Be good at using pearl to undertake beautiful Yan Hufu is a right choice really, those who love the United States you are OK and bold attempt, the hairdressing work force that experiences pearl!

Pearl hairdressing principle

You Haibei or river mussel use him to the small arenaceous bead that organic matter will enter excretive accidentally laps and be become pearl. Among them, contain acid of ammonia of acid of calcium carbonate, bright ammonia, pleasant acid of ammonia of winter of egg ammonia acid, third ammonia acid, glutamic acid, day and lead of a few microelement, copper, magnesian, zinc, manganese, natrium, Selenium. According to introducing, amino acid is human body health those who grow is indispensible, in the microelement that pearl contains: Selenium has fight anile action; Zinc is a variety of enzymatic composition composition, share system inside avoid degree of mechanism and metabolism, affect activity of human body physiology directly. Learn an analysis according to modern medicine, after pearl is absorbed by human body, can promote the enzymatic vigor inside human body, adjust haemal acid-base value, make cellular vitality increases, defer cellular consenescence thereby, make skin furrow decreases, have the objective of prolong life and hairdressing.

How to identify the character of pearl powder

The stand or fall of pearl powder has qualitative distinction. Be like water-solubility pearl powder and abrade pearl powder. Water-solubility pearl powder is to pass biology project to handle complete dissolve the goods at water, abrade pearl powder is direct by pearl abrade, do not add the pearl product of any other preparation; And pearl layer pink is not be machined by pearl and become, it is pearl shell watch pole is like pearl, have the product after the level of pearl burnish is machined, because the special class status such as pearl albumen is,cannot be absorbed directly by human body. Only water is the only medium that the mankind and biology airframe material are exchanged and metabolizes, accordingly will not dissolve makes Cheng Rong at the pearl of water the preparation of full class status at water, it is human body is absorbed, the first approach that use.

How Where is resolution water-solubility pearl powder and abrade pearl powder? Simple way has two kinds:

One, open a capsule teem, or in taking a few pearl powder to pour half cups of clear water, churn gently dichotomy bell, just a minute, water-solubility pearl powder will be all and deliquescent, in the cup still crystal, and abrade pearl powder makes the water in the cup shows light white, there still is a white in cup bottom sedimentary -- the pearl powder that did not dissolve.
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