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How to have gem identification
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China is one is having the civilization ancient state of long 5000 history and bright culture, regard China as the main component of culture, culture of our country gem also is of long standing and well established, accumulate deep. The ancestor with laborious wisdom, early knows with Bao Yushi him adornment, beautification lives, carve craft masterlily in the put to good use on this small stone, those who place the affection of dense and happiness is invocatory. Be in inchoate " The Book of Songs " in, the name that has culture of many concerned treasure jade child, for example " cast me with papaya, of the newspaper in order to fine jade Ju; Cast me with one's pupils or disciples, of the newspaper precious jade in order to fine jade... " , here " fine jade precious jade " , " Ju fining jade " those who point to is precious jade article, use indicative and honest good will, conveyed people of our country the ancients' simple and kind-hearted heart world.

As a result of origin of this kind of culture, deduced the biggest jade on this Chinese world to consume the market, import halcyon every year to amount to many tons 6000, consumptive halcyon, jade act the role ofing is tasted amount to many yuan 100. It is sale to exceed 100 billion yuan, exit amounts to 3.3 billion dollar

As the driving growth of Chinese economy, gem jade already was accepted by more and more consumer place with chase after hold in both hands. But as gem then of the price rise the accretion with demand, numerous man-made gem is appropriative and natural lapidary, appropriative and high-grade gem mixes gem of archives of in proper order to act as with archives gem the phenomenon of high-grade gem emerges in endlessly. Master the appraisal method of certain gem jade, be to comparative in the domain of this pass away the sham as the genuine be necessary.
Here oneself discuss the basic appraisal equipment of gem jade and method briefly only.
Lapidary appraisal basically is undertake from the following respects: Refractive index, birefraction sex, polychromatic sex, thermal conductivity sex, colour and lustre, specific gravity, hardness, specific gravity, wrap up body, grow grain, cleavage.

1) 10 times magnifier
Use at watching the wrap up system of lapidary interior: Because all sorts of gem have its different formation,its so in-house wrap up carries condition and environment to have differ certainly, and differ and present different figure as a result of what lapidary brilliant fastens. Synthesizing lapidary wrap up body basically is air and the composition material that did not fuse use magnifier so can try to distinguish on certain level. Be like: Glass and natural crystal

Birefraction sex: In elementary brilliant a group of things with common features have birefraction sex, can use a series of gem of distinction and diamond close so.

Color: The color that synthesizes gem commonly distributings than natural gem evener, color is more bright. To chromatic treated gem often can observe below magnifier the coloured inside interiorly crackle takes deposit. Be like: The halcyon of C goods.
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