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The origin of industry of Shanghai beach jewelry reachs development
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The bead jade of old times collects predestined relationship city to go up, have " tradesman " , " booth business " , " between two parties person " 3 kinds big, buyer and seller move back and forth in the crowd through prices of deep know well, glib between two parties person, extend the hand repeatedly come over, extend the past, you hold my hand to point to, I hold your hand to point to, will facilitate both sides clinchs a deal. "The make an issue of in sleeve basket, finger talks about the business. " between two parties person holds expert to point to each other replaced quote and argy-bargy.
   Gem jade collects the formation of city
Before 13 centuries, shanghai still is fishing village of a seaside, set a garrison post gradually later, set a county, be subordinate to belonged to loose river government office 1292. On November 7, 1843, clear government announces Shanghai is Hua Yang treaty port formally. Before opening pier, area of Shanghai old the city proper and areas just outside its gates, crossing along the line of yellow riverside river to be taken to Home Dong from 16 shops is a shop already bristly, hotel row upon row of, form rice industry, beans course of study, fund industry and catering trade early or late, inn becomes city more.
According to historical data account, 19 centuries middle period, gem antique store is owned all round town god's temple 16, jewelry store many 20. Till found a state earlier, the in Fang Bang road now (the ave before old times weighs temple) east Duan Shangyou is famous large person of the same trade, Qiu Tianbao, old Qing Yun, Jing Fu, Heng Fu, east come rise and Fang Jiuxia, so-called " bullion headgear street " . Inside the very long period of time in the past, jewelry industry element sells property to give priority to with slope, undertake business registered without fixed capital and inn location, all general affairs all are handled by the individual, and give priority to with manual craft mostly. Its machine run in the family of the craft that make, child bear father line of business. And these trading is the tea building with the agreement, wine four regards assembly as the place. Chat through taking tea, contact, hurried clinchs a deal easy, became tea market, common says " cafes inn " .
Quiet day is the period of at the height of power and splendour that gem jade article develops, feudal dynasty called together worker of many carve jade to make all sorts of gem headgear and jade object for them. The Beijing at that time is opened early or late inside Chong Wen door have bureau of size jade article, make 669, still have up to now inside the industry " Qianlong is versed in " view.
Inside the Chang door of Suzhou, before day library, and cobble street is taken, also be same scene, have mill of size jade article and crystal workshop not to issue more than 100.
Salty abundant the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor (1851) , motion of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.established by Hong Xiuquan during the Taiping Revolution. the largest of pleasant uprisings in China's history erupts, nanjing of choose a site for the capital, be awed Yu Taiping's celestial majesty, backup and bureaucratic, rich Shang Dagui in succession abscond Shanghai. Make one's home in went in the big Gu Shi of Suzhou backer, after also can tightening therewith only, thick as hail. They come south city town god's temple 4 beauty high (company of carve characters on a seal) one belt, become aware suddenly if tourist is knitted, differ apparently with Suzhou, produced the idea that sets a shop in this set up shop. The other field in Suzhou advocate hear this message to fend then in succession.
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