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The butterfly effect of gem
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-- gem, the recessive asset of fortune
Gem is acme excessive is tasted, but actually adumbrative however him entrepreneur repair for, reflected its to regard the rigid of recessive asset as the manner.

The jeweller of Beijing looks forward to the mood that the Olympic Games begins, the jeweller that perhaps compares any place is more intense, because they know of 2008 will rise on August 8, the foreign tourist that a large number of swarming into buys those who lift gem heat, however they perhaps won't think of, their competitor had chosen a very good opportunity to come to Beijing -- one's previous experience at gem old and well-known family, be in Burmese already all previous 4 generation, be called Burmese " 5 gold are beautiful " one of Huang Yuehao and stone of famous culture businessman teach distant travel of gem of stone of god of the remote in joint-stock Beijing, already advocate ground comes Beijing from Burmese move. And they still waited for urban apace to open divine stone gem to interlink inn in succession in Guangzhou, Taiyuan. "Because value Olympic Games business chance to come to Beijing,we are of development. " in president of travel of gem of remote god stone, burmese Huang Yuehao of director of travel of 5 Jin Huazhu treasure vows solemnly so.

Basis " handler " statistic, beijing dimensions of market of concessionary management commodity predicted the Olympic Games 2008 will achieve 25 billion to 28 billion yuan of RMB, 36% what the sale of jewelry industry occupies all and concessionary commodity to sell amount, about 9 billion reach 10 billion yuan, during be being held to the Olympic Games from now on namely, return the space of market of a huge sum that 7.2 billion reach 8.5 billion yuan. Predict 2010, chinese gem acts the role of tasted sale to will exceed 180 billion yuan of RMBs, occupy the 10% above of world total sales. To this, one of gem luxury delegates CEO Francesco Trapani of Bao Geli group has experience greatly: "Sale of Bao Geli gem, watch is in China to growing in twice. " and for grand of yellow to jeweller of Burmese foreign citizen of Chinese origin moon, build on Olympic Games express makes the development brand, optimal opportunity that extends business chance.

However, resemble the butterfly effect in business chance of a lot of consumable same, the problem of jewelry industry is polyhedral, but concentration reflects in two respects: One, the education of extravagant culture and commercial climate are in China speed is differ, gem culture is destined not to belong to Everyman, it needs to pay high consumptive price, and still the error needs to remove; 2, the commercial climate of gem still lies at present phase of good fun begin. So how we see a problem through this two respects?

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