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The sexual price of fresh water pearl compares outclass seawater pearl
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A lot of people mention pearl, those who want is briny pearl, shake greatly however to weak drip its head, this kind " sea drip complex " it is excusable, because originally I also have this kind of complex. Correct its reason, actually very simple, because pearl comes from at water, and on this world most gain is big the richest water is the sea necessarily, a lot of people like pearl, because,be this " sea complex " , mention weak drip so, feel insufficient " choice seafood " .

But, actually besides " sea complex " , pearl serves as hot headgear, its real effect is hairdressing is raised colour, pearl contains a large number of calcium that human body place needs and more than 20 kinds of amino acid and microelement, adorn pearl necklace is met carry cell of human body skin and be absorbed, rise to promote rejuvenesce thereby, promotional metabolism, defer consenescence, remove hairdressing, raise Yan Zhi effect, adorn pearl necklace still can treat the disease such as urgent chronic sore throat, thyroid, tonsil, hypertensive, insomnia and woman the turn of life in case.

For the composition from pearl layer, actually the component of briny pearl powder and fresh water pearl powder is about the same: A variety of analysises discover, the composition of fresh water pearl and briny pearl does not have the distinction of essential sex, fresh water pearl has 3 kinds of amino acid content relatively seawater is low, 2 kinds keep balance to it, the content of 13 kinds of the rest of amino acid even relatively briny pearl is taller (be like " Chinese medicine learns a magazine " 1989 the 5th period the chemical component of pair of fresh water pearl powder such as 313 hospitals Weng Linfu and briny pearl powder undertook analytic comparative. The analysis makes clear as a result, the chemical component of fresh water pearl and briny pearl agrees basically, still more research proved this) .

Present circumstance: Fresh water pearl and briny pearl all came true to breed artificially, but what fresh water pearl uses is not to have technology of nuclear breed aquatics. What briny pearl uses is to have technology of nuclear breed aquatics, because the pearl of this generation has,one uses shell or the nucleus of the make it such as bone. Briny pearl precious because the nucleus is too big, pearl pledges ply is 0.3~0.8 millimeter only, and fresh water pearl 100% it is pearl pledges. And will look from pearl size respect, everybody likes big, go up from essence truly actually for, everybody buys pearl is to develop what what goes, the root says originally or pearl pledges, is the gravelstone head that the bag is inside? You think, for the pearl that if regard as,breeds, the businessman needs to accord with everybody and reduce cost, a mussel is embedded a circle is round greatly kernel, a few short month, wrapped thin thin pearl is qualitative, greatly pearl came out, but such pearl, pearl qualitative layer is thin, wear period of time, burnish of what can be ground slowly. Also reflect to the benefit of the body did not come out, return some businessman in a mussel embedded the high yield of kernel in an attempt to of 6 above, such pearl, quality and a mussel are embedded a small kernel, the breed aquatics that breeds several years pearl comparing, where is difference very apparent. (pearl pledges ply can pledge check bureau examines) .
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