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Standard of pearl comment on
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The mainest standard of assess pearl head push glossiness, its copy if by inside in the ray that goes out fully, put on a mysterious veil for pearl, add up to her times add vitality, moving one's mind disturbed. To raising bead, glossiness is assess more the specific target of its character, because only the pearl secretion with bead nucleus multilayer course is heavy Bao Zhucai can blossom a moving glorious.


The color of pearl chooses be an individual completely to savour be fond of, of course, among them tonal wait with pink, silvery white, weak gold, because rare or its are welcome and do not provide vendibility, but basically color is not important to the assess of character of a pearl.


The pearl appearance with perfect generally speaking is complete more graph or model the water form of voice elegance, but no less, appearance choice also is individual be fond of, the assess of pearl basically is inspected the appearance with character complete and rather than.

Surface layer

In principle, the pearl value that surface layer exceeds little hole hole or stain is higher, but general although value does not poor pearl more or less surface layer has a few small defect to shelter, because this perfect pearl is very honest rare.


Namely generally speaking, pearl volume is larger its value is higher also, but some are out of shape bead do not be restricted here, no less bulk also is not assess the main factor of stand or fall of a pearl, choose pearl size to answer to be a basis in order to distribute shape face form of Dai Zhe, because this decides,the character of a pearl should write volume of heavy burnish and rather than.

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