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The east of magnificent pearl is mythological
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Allegedly inventor edison once had said, the thing that he cannot invent is diamond and pearl, and the invention breeds pearl artificially this thing was accomplished by the father drive Mu Benxing auspicious of MIKIMOTO however.

This year May, should of MIKIMOTO of brand of Japanese famous gem invite, we went to Japan, look around long the absurd virgin soil of the artificial pearl of negative great reputation -- Japanese pearl island. Respecting pearl, one the individual's name cannot depart with its, that is by common people praise for " the king of pearl " Japanese pearl breeds a drive Mr Mubenxingji. He is the author of MIKIMOTO, also be to be raised artificially bead contriver. Visit, we still looked around to was in Tokyo 1899 silver-colored a MIKIMOTO pearl inn that open business, regard Japan as first pearl brand shop, of this shop open for Japan contemporary jewelry industry laid a foundation, "MIKIMOTO " also became the pronoun that breeding pearl artificially is Japanese culture even very quickly.

From choose the Mu Bei that breeds pearl, put artificial pearl nucleus to the film of Mu Bei coat that secretes pearl layer to be in, to clean the mature Mu Bei, worker handiwork that comes off the whole process of complete pearl depends on craft adroitness to finish. Each perfect raise artificially bead the favour that is born to depend on nature is bestowed favor on and masterly manual craft.

The first is raised artificially bead be born

In MIKIMOTO company employee guide below, what we look around above all is Japan's famous pearl island. According to introducing, go up in this island namely, begin from 1880, mr Mubenxingji introduces drive China is old raise bead law to begin artificially the difficult exploration of Yo bead. 1888, he opened farm of the first pearl in a small big talk, began to breed the exploration of pearl artificially. With firm volition and indefatigable effort, 1908, he breeds eventually piece round pearl, obtain patent, the father with artificial pearl and go down in history as a honor. 1920, drive of Japanese the emperor of Japan gives one of raising cane, then drive wood Mr Ben Xingji begins famed world, pearl bound also he is address sb respectfully " the king of pearl " .

Be to commemorate the king of this great pearl, japanese built memorial hall of drive wood Ben Xingji on pearl island, built pearl museum around, introduced the history of pearl and culture in detail. The high-quality goods of several MIKIMOTO gem that displays in museum made us new realise pearl to design the aesthetic feeling that medium position and it can show in gem indeed.

In memorial hall of drive wood Ben Xingji, we understand, at the beginning of 20 centuries, japan is in passive position in jewelry industry respect, it is completely " Japan is made " headgear is basic nonexistent. Drive wood Ben Xingji belongs to native jewelry industry to develop, not hesitate dispatch person goes to Europe to study abroad, learn so that the headgear of complete set makes skill, and all sorts of methods that devise headgear, bring back Japan. 1907, he opened Japan the first " headgear atelier " , for the industrialization of Japanese jewelry industry development developed new way.
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