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The special requirement that gem headgear maintains
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Maintain gem headgear besides afore-mentioned general principles, have different moral character as a result of different gem to certain gem headgear, reason is maintaining the respect still has a few special requirements and note, introduce as follows respectively now:

(1) royal seal of diamond, ruby, sapphirine, green jade, Tuopashi (namely topaz) wait for lapidary headgear. These lapidary quality of a material are solid, can bear greater pressure, but they also are put in collective defect -- have brittleness, still provide cleavage to diamond and Tuopashi, so these gem cannot endure beat, knock, because provide brittleness,be met otherwise and avalanche, or because of providing cleavage edge cleavage direction produces crackle, even disintegrate. Remember please, although hardness is the biggest diamond, also bump via rising.

(2) emerald headgear. Although halcyon is qualitative firm and provide tenacity, it is certain to provide fight concussion ability. But, via processing the emerald product later, often thinner, be bumped also meet damaged.

(3) emerald headgear. The hardness of emerald is more than halcyon slightly, but want than halcyon fragile, compare halcyon so more be bumped via rising and beat. In addition, emerald is afraid of high temperature, the meeting that receive ammunition makes colour and lustre decreases fade, easy below high temperature flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil is cracked.

(4) Ou Bo headgear. Ou Bo's hardness is inferior, should avoid to grind with other goods. Ou Bo contains moisture content, should avoid to suffer high temperature, after losing cent because of evaporating otherwise, light lose diaphaneity, produce scamper to crack again. In addition, ou Bo is not acid-proof, so, adorn high temperature and acidity material should keep away from when Europe berth headgear. When collecting Europe berth headgear, also should notice an environment cannot too dry, also will cause dehydration otherwise and produce crackle, even burst. To prevent dehydration, in dry season, lie between proper time appropriate to put Europe berth headgear in clear water to immerse.

(5) violet crystal ornaments. The color of violet brilliant is not stable, encounter high temperature or can cause via insolating for long fade. In adorn or collecting a process, should avoid high temperature or insolate.

(6) malachite and turquoise headgear. These two kinds of lapidary hardness all relatively water, be worn away very easily. Both chemistry is not stable, the meeting that receive sick at heart suffers corrode deliquescent. Turquoise leaves especially changeful scene in high temperature, longer even insolate and suffer sweat to immerse, also can make turquoise becomes angry. These must notice in adorn and collecting a process.

(7) pearl and coral headgear. Hardness of pearl and coralline is very low, make the surface loses luster because of grinding extremely easily. Both composition is calcium carbonate, encounter acid to be able to be sufferred corrode deliquescent. Summer is easy perspire, sweat also can make damage and surface of pearl, coralline is lost original luster. The powder in cosmetic, perfume and hair breast, also can make pearl gradually blank. So, summer had better not adorn this kind of headgear. If be profaned by sweat be soiled later, can put in the full in clear water, the cloth of reoccupy softness is wiped gently can. Pearl act the role ofing is tasted before be being collected, pass clear water full without fail, the place that deposit also must avoid become civilized makeup is tasted.
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