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Beautiful body of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine: Secret of tender skin
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Pearl is the treasure of hairdressing embellish skin since ancient times, according to " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " account: "Pearl flavour Xian Ganhan is avirulent, town heart chooses item. Besmear face, good color of moist making a person. Besmear brothers, flay skin is gone against set out, drop phlegmy, eliminate face speck. " so, a lot of female friends like pearl powder of apply of to be taken orally to undertake the skin nurses and maintain. But pearl powder belongs to cool sex Chinese traditional medicine, not be everybody suits to take. Do sth without authorization is taken at will not only the effect that does not have to fight consenescence, bring healthy hidden trouble possibly even.

The of 90% composition in pearl is calcium carbonate, contain a variety of microelement and amino acid, have so calm the nerves, hemostatic, whitened wait for pharmacodynamics effect. But be absorbed not easily as a result of its and often take have side effect, be in clinical in be not to advocate pure pearl powder of to be taken orally. If want to be used whitened if fighting consenescence, having pearl powder merely cannot achieve very good hairdressing result. Pearl itself has dredge effect only, send nutrient material, derive foreign matter again the skin. So, pearl powder wants and a few otherer operable ability play gives the hairdressing product that has medicaments effect effect.

Pearl is the Chinese traditional medicine with cold sex material, only hot and dry constitutional talent suits. Because many females belong to frail cold sex constitution, take pearl powder for a long time, not only short of improves the health, hairdressing raises Yan Zhi effect, still can cause indigestion, then is met again continuous diarrhoea, age feels limb is algid easily in day, complexion also appears sallow. So, general constitution slants cold, stomach slants cold wait not to suit to take pearl powder with calculous patient, once take,cause the side effect such as indigestion extremely easily.

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