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Protect skin: The action that pearl powder maintains to the skin
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MM protects skin new thinking, pearl powder returns your beauty you

Want to maintain the United States' colourful skin, we have to keep away from abominable surroundings, what have to maintain nutrition is balanced the constitution with health, more important, we still carry happy mental state constantly. Remember, angst is the natural enemy of hairdressing forever. The ancients is not to have a word, "One evening white hair is unripe " , means says, if a person is too anxious, need the time night only, the hair can bleach entirely.

The skin also is a truth. If the indolence in the heart is fast, internal system is met disorder, can affect cutaneous metabolism function, spend to cutaneous beauty with respect to meeting influence finally.

Keep buoyant, we had done beautiful cutaneous the first pace. The 2nd pace, also be one of auxiliary method that we often use, time right amount ground takes pearl powder namely, because pearl powder conduces to,alleviate skin ageing.

The official of 3 great merit that improves skin quality is contained in pearl powder

The biggest hero is pleasant ammonia acid. The skin basically is comprised by collagen albumen fiber, the bases of collagen albumen is pleasant ammonia acid. After pleasant ammonia acid is being absorbed to human body, distributing with respect to can even ground the whole body at human body, by inside and the other place has been done for the skin keep wet job.

Official of the 2nd great merit is acid of amine of natural nail sulfur (MET) , it increases skin flexibility effectively, increase cutaneous burnish and vigor, make the skin more bright beautiful.

Official of the 3rd great merit is bovine sulphur acid, it can purify blood, stimulative cutaneous blood circulates, accelerate the rate of skin metabolism, make the skin keeps delicate.

Peptide of active of the pleasant ammonia acid that other sort contains a lot ofin pearl powder and microelement, young member, they can raise the blood capillary in the skin effectively appear a gender, be helpful for what its pledge to nurture absorbing with use. In the meantime, peptide of young member active and contain carbon amino acid, maintain the exudation inside airframe effectively to balance, secrete what can maintain female estrogen especially normally, can make the skin effectively white consequently tender, exquisite, reduce pigment ad cool-headed with pathological changes element.

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