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The summer adorns pearl notices what
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1 . Pearl is unfavorable put below high temperature place and sunlight, such meetings affect the moisture of pearl and reduce burnish.

2. Pearl is unfavorable contact with cosmetic, in the case that cannot be put in cosmetic, cannot put in sealed polybag more, had better put in ventilated place, such ability maintain the glorious of pearl.

3. Lampblack of pearl blame avoid is fumed corrupt, besmirch is fat permeate into pearl layer, it can become yellow, because the bases of pearl is calcium carbonate,this is, acidity contact pearl with alkalescent liquid, can make it does not have light cloudily.

4. Pearl decorations is in after adorning, usable soft tooth brush dips in on neuter soap scrub is clean, after touching the besmirch on pearl to clean, in putting clear water again, bleach black mark abluent, wipe with soft dry towel next again air.

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