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Two great skill let you turn pearl into beauty
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Pearl is the treasure of hairdressing embellish skin, everybody is know. Gentlewoman of the Egypt more than 4000 years ago moves pearl powder to brush the body with milk, moist skin. According to historical data account, pearl is officinal there already were more than 2000 years of histories in China. Especially the kind happiness mother of an emperor of late quiet period, believe the pharmacodynamics action of pearl more, think it is OK beautiful skin is raised colour, prevent 100 disease. She uses pearl powder to come alimentary appearance was to arrive to ascend abundant to build more extremely degree. She has the eunuch of special and abrade pearl powder not only, and technical staff collects each district classy pearl, enjoy in order to offer. Because this kind happiness passes 60 skin,still be exquisite white tender, moist and silky, after can says Chinese generation is colourful. The hairdressing of pearl powder is in past dynasties is confirmed to be in the use of people true and effective, have numerous character account. The medical book when the the Three Kingdoms " renown cure is not recorded " , of Liang Dai " collect of classics of a book on Chinese medicine " , of Tang Dynasty " sea medicine a book on Chinese medicine " , of Song Dai " a book on Chinese medicine opening treasure " , of bright generation " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " , of clear generation " ode of Thunder God property of a medicine, have clear account to the curative effect of pearl. " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " roll 46 carry " pearl flavour Xian Ganhan is avirulent. Town heart chooses item. Besmear face, good color of moist making a person. Besmear brothers, flay skin is gone against set out, drop phlegmy, eliminate face speck. " " sea medicine a book on Chinese medicine " in write: "Pass a range, yue person color " . Actually a lot of people realize the gain of pearl powder personally now.
Of hate is now false pearl powder is too much. A friend that becomes pearl powder discloses say false pearl powder is afraid on market should occupy 80% above, some false pearl powder still bleach ocean to cross the sea, in Taiwan ah Hong Kong ah have sell.
Want to use the word of pearl powder hairdressing so, the first of two great skill is: Must buy sterling pearl powder, want enough fine, enough pure, absolute safety. Of pearl powder differentiate the method is more complex, average person is more difficult, bit simpler word admits allow a few brands to go, it is OK to and be in normal place be bought, for instance immortal bird (immortal bird has accept rice also have super- fine, the word of external use must use accept rice oh, lest jams pore perhaps injures the skin) , on hall of medicine, colleague. Additional, not too anxious to get things on the cheap. There is some of pearl powder on market 200 grams of a bag of big 100 grams ability little money, 99% fixed fake. True pearl powder is done not have above all so big pack.
The 2nd great skill that turns pearl into beauty is: Must use method of the other side, and want to hold to. Investigation says to use pearl powder hairdressing, inside the person with bad result, 67% because the method is incorrect,be oh... reason, it is support of the people the person is different: Some people are oily affection the skin, some people are drying, some people have blain, some people do not have blain, some people are sensitive, some people... different of a lot of a lot of differentia, so because of the person different is must. MM people before wanting to use pearl powder hairdressing, must judge the skin that leaves oneself to pledge first, choose appropriate method again, make face film especially, must notice certainly!
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