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Pearl act the role ofing tastes with the passing of time to become yellow how to
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Although the colour and lustre of pearl is very beautiful, but however via having long test. Pass a few years commonly, pearl can become common yellow, lose beautiful pearl luster at the same time, this is common saying place saying " person is old bead yellow " .
Is pearl act the role ofing tasted with long why can you send fizzle out? The Wen Shi that this basically is compositive pearl's mineral physics property is not stable, time grows, it can become common calcite. Wen Shi adds up to calcite, although chemical class status is same, and their crystallization configuration and burnish are not quite same however. This is the reason that pearl becomes angry.
After pearl becomes yellow, still a few remedy a method, immerse with rare hydrochloric acid namely, but dissolve drops the case that becomes yellow, and make pearl reproduces the colour and lustre with glittering and translucent and flowery, glamorous sheen. But if color becomes very fierce, will be hard of changeover.

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