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The bid farewell of the beautiful Yan Yangsheng of accept rice pearl powder
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The beautiful skin of pearl is raised colour, prevent the officinal value of 100 disease, there already was economic history of more than 2000 years in China. Bright generation Li Shizhen " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " carry with respect to Ceng Ji: "Pearl flavour Xian Ganhan is avirulent. Town heart chooses item. Besmear face, good color of moist making a person. Besmear brothers, flay skin is gone against set out, drop phlegmy, eliminate face speck. " from past dynasties people can see to the attention of the hairdressing effect of pearl: Pearl powder has distinctive hairdressing and effect of preserve one's health, be come down by inheritance of contemporary personage love the United States.

However, as the modern addition to pearl powder demand, the operator of industry of pearl powder market also is added gradually much. As a result of occupation standard be short of break, reach people to differentiate intellectual lack to pearl powder, caused the disorder of pearl powder industry, at the same time abet also of sham pearl powder spread. According to industrial and commercial execute the law personnel is making discover in investigation to pearl powder: Pearl powder of true and false was formed unexpectedly on market " cat and mice " coexist the strange phenomenon of one room.

To using a convention accept rice technology undertakes skill of pearl pulverization discipline protects the method of skin, a lot of consumer suspect the attitude that rejects even to this hold. Because consumer knows, the cosmetic that contains chemical part can have damage healthy. As we have learned, hairdressing bound also is used in the health that discusses pearl powder ceaselessly reach its to draw the question such as degree to human body. Be based on this, immortal bird product of series of pearl powder of rice of accept of law of the 2nd acting physics, use rice of the world's advanced physical law accept to machine craft, make pearl powder fineness had very big rise, average and fineness it is 40 ~ only 80 accept rice, make pearl powder each effect composition is farther release effectively, human body absorptivity rises greatly.

Current, test result shows, the accept rice pearl powder of physical law product, make hairdressing preserve one's health uses next becoming in advanced accept rice technology likelihood, this also changes the rice of accept of pearl powder industry to our country remove active propulsion action.

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