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The effect of 10 great health care of pearl powder
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One pearl defers consenescence to human body.

2 clear liver bright eye. Pearl to be taken orally walks along liver classics, external use treats eye disease, pearl bright eye. Take from the infant case can protect vision.

3 raise Yan Baochun. Long take make skin of your whole body fine white, hold to morning and evening to be made with pearl of a few milligram facial massage the pink that protect skin, after a year the skin but apparently white, facial appear to understand fully. In navel eye every sky pearl powder can reduce facial stain.

4 detoxify give birth to flesh. The skin damaged that causes to all sorts of reasons if: Cross? abrade, scald, burn, eczema, yaricella use pearl powder in time, but hemostatic fast, binding off is fast, long flesh is fast, diminish inflammation is fast, do not leave scar. If cross much to be taken orally via the quantity but rapid and hemostatic, classics volume is so normal person menses is not taken.

5 filling calcium.

The 6 effect that adjust the value of human body Ph such as acid of acerbity make water of blood of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, pearl is shown alkalescent, long take make blood is shown surely alkalescent, do not be afraid that the mosquito improves skin immunity function, counteract hydrochloric acid in gastric juice but be good at stomach, fight allergic action because of increasing hematic calcic reason to have. Analyse pearl from chemical angle long take surely healthy long life.

7 pearl enter heart classics. Town heart calms the nerves, raise shade relieve dizziness, clear heat drops phlegmy, bring soul, stop seminal emission, white chaotic, poison of the cure that solve blain is long take the head that can keep sober, make the quality of Morpheus rises, medical research is beneficial to heart disease.

8 morning and evening are contained take pearl powder to be able to treat oral cavity disease to be like talking around canker, pharyngitis, the tooth is phlogistic wait to have antiphlogistic effect, still have the effect that protect tine.

9 women are pregnant, lactation takes pearl powder, have to fetal baby accelerate skeletal and normal growth, increase intellective effect, and the skin is white fine.

10 pearl powder go oily, go sweat, restrain leather fat to had secreted flourishing, but ultraviolet ray of effective keep out, have prevent bask in prevent an ejaculation effect, brush when pink every day, have go acne, dermatitis of fat excessive sex, go the effect of sweat. Drying skin should use oily skin less but multi-purpose, with comfortable and advisable.

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