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Law of 3 great skill uses blain of pearl powder dispel opportunely
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Pearl powder goes the result of blain is very right, how to go with pearl powder nevertheless blain? The diamond law of use pearl powder is: Different question, different usage. Be used rightly, the effect is very good, conversely, the result is bad. Go blain also is such. In you the decision goes with pearl powder before blain, learn this article to will have profit very much attentively.

Long-term practice proves as a result, go with pearl powder blain, synchronism has to be taken orally and external use more effective. Have the person of blain, it is oilier skin commonly, fire compares flourishing inside, give birth to blain more easily below weather of southern damp and hot, right now pearl powder of to be taken orally has first-rate recuperation effect, so pearl powder is in Guangdong particularly welcome, it is this truth. Pearl powder goes to external use the mystery of blain depends on pearl powder can undertaking deep-seated cleanness to the skin, accuse oil and maintain skin Gan Shuang.

These a few action important, because,be blain of a lot of life, very big reason is cutaneous depth cleanness was not done good, the skin very oily, carelessly clean word, very easy accumulation is in skin surface and pore, mix together with dust dirt, to be warm, fatty acid is defeated, exciting skin causes inflammation; Some person cutin are thicker, pore itself is not expedite, come again some jam, be one disaster after another more.

Accept rice pearl powder has wonderful adsorptive sex, come with it external use goes blain, basically be help cleanness, purify most redundant cutin dead skin, accuse oil, composed skin maintains the skin to empty feel well. When was this accomplished, conquer blain blain can be expected soon. Wish pearl powder of rice of beautiful hall accept is OK and effective adsorption and cleared and overmuch skin fat, clean deep-seated bilge. We learn clean diminish inflammation respectively, accuse oil, make do explode the law of 3 great skill of blain:

One, how to skin with blain of blain of pearl powder cleanness:

Can use a few accept rice pearl powder a few water mix mix into, use as the grandma that wash a face, gently rub kneads dough ministry, may rub goes out white a same thing, after pearl powder gives adsorption dirty stuff and oil, this is formed. If feel to clear not quite neatly, that adds a bit pearl powder more again.

Have noticed at 3 o'clock:

1. Some beautiful eyebrow to wipe smallpox, had used fruit acid or after the thing with stimulating other, the likelihood has red blood silk, the skin becomes very sensitive, corneous layer is very thin, so proposal mix into is right amount pearl powder mixes in clean face breast use. The individual thinks, clean face has been done, blain blain was solved 60% .

2. Grow the area of blain, it is T area commonly, also a few people grow in V area, these area should undertake concentrated cleanness with pearl powder, of course, with the skin comfortable to spend, not be after all can solve a problem only, need holds to period of time.
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