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Accuse oil with pearl powder opportunely
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Pearl powder is beautiful white

This should be everybody's most familiar usage.

Effect: Beautiful white effect is distinct, have very good alimentary effect to skin.

Practice: Take 3 spoon pearl powder, the dimension E of a pulverize, next, with clean water tone is become mushy. Apply face, after 20 minutes, with pure bath clean can.

Pearl powder goes black head

Can keep clear of well with pearl powder ageing cutin and black head.

1, in the pearl powder of to be taken orally with excellent quality of drugstore choose and buy.

2, in taking right amount pearl powder to put a saucer, add right amount clear water, pearl powder tone is become cream shape.

3, good pearl powder besmears equably go up in the face.

4, massage on the face with massage gimmick, till the pearl powder desiccate on the face, reoccupy rinses the face abluent can

5, can use twice every week. Can well the cutin of purify ageing and black head.

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