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How to save pearl act the role ofing to taste
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1, prevent attrition, prevent score

The characteristic of pearl is qualitative soft, its hardness has 2.5 only---4.5, common material compares her commonly hard, if relapse,be chafed by good thing additionally, score, what can damage the surface is flowing reach bright and clean spend and brightness, can make pearl loses aesthetic feeling, when depositing many headgear, had better put into casket again with soft cloth wrap up respectively; Must not mix lapidary headgear pearl headgear lump, easy generation chafes each other, part of one's job is not installed together severally; When undertaking examination of X ray fluoroscopy, acuteness activity or housework, had better take off; In addition, windy season had better not be worn, lest sand beat upon, burnish of with the passing of time is dim. 2, prevent collision, prevent fall

All pearl headgear fall via rising, fall to be able to cause different level loss commonly, surface layer falls off. So, hold discretion wants on the hand, on Dai Zaishen more require caution.

3, anticorrosion, prevent contact with harmful material

Because pearl bases is CaCO3, encounter acid to decompose. The another characteristic of pearl is property is not stabilized, sweat fluid slants acidity, summertime much sweat, because of commonly used Wenshui answering to rinse after this adorns, notice not to want with human body sweat, perfume, cosmetic, fixature (provide acidity) contact waiting for content. Avoid and coloured liquid contact (wait for) like merbromin, gentian violet, in case its are caught hard clean color, lest cause,become angry, lose luster.

4, prevent dehydrate

Pearl appears as a result of the moisture with be contained certain glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, if dehydrate, can make pearl dim without light. Accordingly, do not put pearl below high temperature place and sunlight, put not for a long time also in casket, often adorn, the hydrosphere that the body sends out is OK and moist pearl. Want to maintain the cleanness of pearl at the same time. Be infected with when pearl headgear on when contamination, usable clear water or very rare neutral (blame acid, blame is alkalescent) catharsis fluid is cleaned slowly, the sheepskin that uses softness next or flannelette is wiped, the place of park safety is saved. Do not use sealed polybag, cannot put inside cosmetic box more.

Anyhow, pearl is the article of a kind of special enervated, if understand the nature of pearl, try to defend again, maintain, can make so your pearl " Hai Kuzhu is not sodden " . Of course, the storage life of pearl is not affirmatory, if maintain,had gotten however, generally speaking, high grade natural pearl can save hundreds of years of time, and those who breed pearl save time a few shorter, be in 100 to 200 years between.

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