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The scientific cleanness of diamond of gem platinic gold and maintain method
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Common coloured gem maintains intellectual assemble

(1) zircon, olivine cannot be put together with other gem. Zircon, olivine is the gem that environment of subterranean high temperature forms, nature is more fragile, hardness is inferior also, consequently often because raw material crackle is too much and be hard to the gem with big make it. The mutual attrition between lapidary finished product also can be ground spend lapidary edges and corners and make gem loses " dash " . These two kinds of gem also cannot encounter heat, the meeting that encounter heat increases its brittleness. Olivine still is afraid of acid, with acidity material long-term contact can make lapidary surface gets corrode and abate its burnish.
(2) topaz (Tuopasishi) , moon gem should avoid to collide, because both all have cleavage, the gem after collision makes along fission of a direction easily all or the part is destroyed.
(3) pointed spar, garnet is the gem with medium hardness, need to notice not mutual collision only commonly can.
(4) crystal should avoid to be contacted with radioactivity material, avoid to contact heat source as far as possible. Crystal is in radioactivity illuminate (if be engaged in the worker with X clairvoyant light) next meetings become angry, and the phenomenon that color appears to become weak likely when violet brilliant is heating.
(5) red sapphirine is the protects the most easily gem in coloured gem, these two kinds of lapidary hardness are big, tenacity is medium, property is stable, as long as not violent collision and avoid high temperature, can adorn for a long time.
(6) emerald is the gem with more fragile nature, add natural emerald to often be met imperfect, incidental burst, because this should prevent intense extruding and collision. Oiled or entering glue is the method with processing common emerald in order to conceal its flaw flaw. This kind is acted the role of article must avoid overheat.
(7) chrysoberyl (include to change stone and cat eye) it is hardness and tenacity all good gem, it is a kind of very ideal male gem consequently. Adorn need to avoid high temperature only commonly in the process, should not make blaze straight when changing to make pattern or be maintained particularly to gem.
(8) green jade royal seal is the gem with a kind of downy burnish, but defect is hardness inferior, brittleness also stronger. Adorn consequently the gem of make it of green jade royal seal, answer not to want carefully to collide with other and lapidary attrition, lest delimit,spend.
Green jade royal seal has pyroelectricity sex (tourmaline of friend formal name) , generation is electrostatic and course sun illuminate or be heated will be a few more adsorptive tiny speck. Accordingly, the person that in prostitution bigger environment works, should notice to wait for neuter clear lotion to clean gem via commonly used alcohol, in order to maintain its burnish soft beauty. At the same time green jade royal seal also should avoid overheat, because heat up,green jade convertibly sometimes the color of royal seal.
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