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Pearl powder can aid accurate mom to raise colour solid embryo
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Pearl powder is price all the time costly natural maintain Chinese traditional medicine one of ability, in ancient time it is a woman the emperor that raises disease of woman of Yan Meirong, cure is tasted; And give birth to the hope that a Bai Xi is lovely is a lot of parents. Accordingly, can raise colour, the pearl powder of embryo of hairdressing, solid is people take delight in talking about. But is the problem pregnant woman can eat? When to eat? How to eat? So expensive, how to avoid to buy a holiday?

   The formation of pearl and history

Treat a disease with pearl powder, see what place of contented great scene wears the earliest Yu Liang is acting " focus of classics of a book on Chinese medicine " . " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " carry: "Pearl besmear face, your person good color... treat difficult labor, the poison that solve blain... "

Pregnant accurate mom is secreted as a result of female hormone and corpus luteum hormone increase, can exciting melanin is secreted, go up because of this face, cervical, breast is dizzy, tit, alar, vulva, inguinal reach inside of ham upper part to have blackening appearance, and to the abdomen of navel from pubic bones central conference appears " Hei Wen " . Use pearl powder to raise the opinion of embryo of Yan Meirong solid so, often drifting in pregnant woman heart, but also a few doubt exist; How does the space use pearl powder correctly, and how to discern the true bogus of pearl powder?

   How to distinguish the actor bad character of pearl powder

Of the pearl breed stand or fall of the choice, production method different, decide the actor bad of pearl powder. Generally speaking, simple fine energy of life small, flavour is weak is classy pearl powder; Fishy smell heavier, taste is bad is low-grade pearl powder. Same pearl makes the pearl powder that build with different method, quality also differs somewhat. The tradition makes pearl powder, first pearl abluent, the package that use cloth is nice, boil about 2 hours in all with face-lifting, take out, night shows 1-2 second, grind last stage is extremely delicate, dry reserve. This kind of high grade pearl powder can form suspension fluid phenomenon in water, and can dissolve at hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, what can withhold pearl powder already is all and effective extremely, make the absorptivity of pearl powder rises again. At present the pearl powder on market, have a plenty of pearl clam shell to grind of wear, price, character and taste really have great difference.

  Use a method correctly of pearl powder

Time: Be pregnant 6 months begin.

Dosage: 0.5 grams every time, daily. During be pregnant commonly, eat to arrive 19 can.

Appropriate avoid: Before buy is placental person, the person that often uterine systole labour pains fears having premature delivery is unfavorable (because pearl is move month and embryo, the gender is cold, for pregnant of water essence place, belong to shade and can fall object) .
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