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Understanding pearl mystery is kind to pearl headgear
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Glaring pearl makes every woman enchanted, but do you understand pearl how many? Whether to understand the mystery of pearl. Here is small make up you to relate the story about pearl, teach you to come at the same time appraisal and maintain pearl.

What how form do you know to pearl is? The formation of pearl can divide pearl of the formation for natural pearl, fresh water breed aquatics according to its sort (without the nucleus) form and pearl of briny breed aquatics (have a nucleus) form. The move that they form is as follows respectively: Natural pearl: Tiny foreign body is invaded - shape - collect artificially catch. Pearl of fresh water breed aquatics (without the nucleus) : Coat film - establish nucleus - shape - collect artificially catch. Pearl of briny breed aquatics (have a nucleus) : The spherule that mother carapace grinds - establish nucleus - shape - collect artificially catch, the coat film that figuration phase is shellfish pointing to a mother is secreted a pearl to pledge by the stimulation of foreign material, foreign material an one layer wrap up rises form pearl, notable is collecting artificially catch level to open Mu Bei to take out pearl, constant regular meeting is in Mu Bei to get hurt in this one process or die.

A lot of clients are not to understand very much to breeding pearl. What the client pays attention to pearl is natural, no more than is the consideration that stems from character to go up. The process that fashions by pearl can see, natural pearl and breed pearl besides differ somewhat in phase of first plant nucleus outside, other formation process, and grow the environment is identical. In other words, breed pearl to just use what technical measure accelerated pearl to fashion a process artificially, do not have to the character of pearl how old influence. Additional, because natural pearl is too exiguous, collect catch difficulty, make value very high, and because grow,the environment is not stabilized, it is good that exterior character often did not breed pearl.

How to make pearl headgear maintains glorious moving, this actually the most important. Should make pearl headgear maintains glorious moving, should notice the following kinds of item, can achieve the result that you want.

1, to make the burnish of pearl and color insusceptible, should avoid to make pearl osculatory acid, alkaline reach chemical character, like perfume, soap, finalize the design water.

2, do not adorn pearl is boiled feed, because steam reachs lampblack to be able to pass through the small air hole of pearl surface, invade pearl body inside, make its become yellow.

3, adorn after pearl (be in especially summer) , need a pearl to wipe casket of clean ability replace. Had better wipe with sheepskin, do not use face paper, because some of face paper is added,grind agent, can wear away bead skin.
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