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Certificate of gem of check of new edition country is enabled formally now
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Before when people is buying gem jewelry, the afraidest often not be price has many expensive, worry however whether content is worth somewhat. Deployed calibration certificate to become people to eat a sth capable of comforting sb below for gem, but before expose to the sun frequently giving gem calibration certificate is the false letter that distributors contains, the rights and interests that invites customer cannot get protection. Begin from June 1, calibration certificate of gem of center of check of new edition country will identify gem to offerring what can check to occupy personally for consumer.

New edition certificate 5 big change

A findings report that according to Hong Kong commerce development bureau published a few days ago shows, in the near future, our country inland will become the gem with important whole world to consume the market. Face mainer and mainer market, the function to authenticity of gem headgear calibration certificate and the convenient degree when using offerred jewelry industry and customer higher demand. Be to get used to the demand of the market, quality of national jewelry jade is supervised examine center (NGTC, the following abbreviation " country check center " ) with in Bao Xiebao jade detects the center incorporates formally, both sides will roll out calibration certificate of jade of new edition treasure on June 1.

Regard the gem jade of national level only as qualitative check orgnaization, sail of chief make public introduces the country related check center, compare with photograph of old edition certificate, the orgnaization giving evidence of new edition certificate changes to be supervised by quality of national jewelry jade examine center and in Bao Xiebao jade detects two labs give the center jointly card, divide reservation certificate of original paper quality while, new edition certificate is added newly intermediate fold certificate and naked get small 4C to classification certificate, with corresponding and different class act the role of what taste and differ to examine requirement; Attestation orgnaization marks by " CNAL " adjust for " CNAS " ; Additionally the line on cover of new edition certificate has seal system " card " word, do not differ with phyletic certificate color. Consumer can be passed get online, 3 channel inquire mobile phone short message and phone speech the true bogus of certificate. The old edition certificate that rolls out before this and new edition certificate have coequal law effectiveness, long-term and effective.

New edition certificate escorts the Emperor for gem convoy

Much home gem sells a store, the store that discovers much was not gem to be changed new " Id " , it is old edition as before calibration certificate cooperates gem jade to be sold in the market. Chief is representing the state related check center, check center did not restrict the country businessman or individual will change entirely on June 1 the right of new edition certificate, and have coequal law effectiveness as a result of old edition certificate and new edition certificate, deal with new edition certificate to need to hand in certain poundage additionally, reckon businessman or individual won't handle new edition certificate inside short time. But also cannot ignore new edition letter the advantage of older edition certificate, as a result of new increased certificate level and defend bogus new method, the person make a holiday that makes be able to risk calibration certificate toward those copy makes a living hard. The high speed that faces gem jade industry develops, new edition certificate will replace old edition letter eventually.
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