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Jewelry of gold of countrywide head ministry consumes regulation to come on stag
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Recently, save guild of bullion gem headgear from Jiangsu (guild of gem of the following abbreviation) know, by gem guild and province disappear assist be made jointly and carry out " jade of gem of Jiangsu province precious metal is acted the role of taste consumptive controversy to settle way " (the following abbreviation " method " ) will begin to be executed formally from next month.

Countrywide head ministry " gem consumption is regular " come on stage
Secretary-general of yellow eternal life of province gem guild expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, this " method " be by province gem association and province disappear assist last a period of time 1 year, make jointly through consulting ten times. This also is countrywide head ministry is aimed at as a result of,solve gem quality problem, bring about consumer and businessman between the regulation of controversy. It is reported, this " method " will carry out formally on July 1 this year. Introduce according to this trade public figure, jiangsu province takes the lead in publishing protective gem consumer " method " , because Jiangsu all through the ages is big province of gem jade consumption,be, grow every year with 30% scale, consumption of gem of complete last year province was achieved 10 billion, exceed this number possibly this year far. The personage inside course of study introduces, in Jiangsu the province should accept 100 communication or parcel received one year about gem complain. A trade public figure expresses, complain in what receive one citizen this year, spent nearly 10 thousand yuan to buy plunge drop, as a result of ring " claw " make have a problem, bring about diamond to lose. Although seek businessman claim for compensation for many times, but businessman however in order to keep undeserved dispute over trifles.

Gem jade article is not factitious attaint, inside a year can repair freely
"Want to be after appraisal of our expert group only later, discovery is jeweller really jerry bring about consumer losing, even if cannot find that diamond, the businessman wants compensate. And, be to retreat one compensate below a few circumstances one. " secretary-general of yellow eternal life expresses clearly. He introduces to the reporter, gem jade article is not factitious attaint, inside a year can repair freely, and be in before when was not being made clear, a lot of inn-keeper collect fees. "Want customer only by effective bill, arrive inside a year the businessman that buys jewel, attainable the service that repairs freely. " this personage complement says, "Adorn article " since the day that sells oneself if product surface hangs mark of be soiled, prize to wait for appraisal of branch of influence exterior, legal authorization to be,happen inside 7 days unqualified wait for problem headgear, consumer can choose to retreat goods, exchange goods or be repaired. If buy more than 7 days, but in 15 days in, consumer can choose exchange goods or repair. "Act the role of article " the in principle when exchange goods not under primary kinds or types of goods weight or that day the price, avoid collect treatment fee.
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