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The Ministry of finance evaluates management to gem headgear artwork farther sta
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"Assess the progress of business as gem headgear artwork, in estimate of judge of gem headgear art non-standard hold the problem of course of study also is exposed gradually come out, urgent need standard manages. " Chinese asset evaluates association vice-chairman, secretary-general, medium judge assist gem headgear artwork evaluates Liu Ping of professional council vice director to was held recently " appraisal of artwork of headgear of 2007 China gem evaluates high-level forum " on express.
Be in our country, gem headgear artwork evaluates career or a young career. Evaluate the progressively standard of course of study as Chinese asset, gem headgear artwork evaluates course of study to move toward the road of healthy progress stage by stage. Although the progress that artwork of headgear of our country gem assesses industry has only short 7, 8 years of time, but preliminary already built gem headgear artwork to evaluate administrative system, include personnel and orgnaization hold system of job seniority admittance, groom headgear of system of education, gem evaluates a standard to wait. End 2006, the whole nation already had 38 people to obtain register asset to evaluate division (gem) qualification, standardization and specializationed government had started. The professional service industry that gem headgear artwork assesses already had embryo, the business domain that asset evaluates and market structure are able to abound.
Current, estimate of judge of art of headgear of our country gem basically is domain of the following economy to serve: The financing of jewelry company and trade, investment is decision-making, provide professional technology help, assistance for insurance manage compensate custom is maintained declare at customs the price, deal with for bad assets offer professional proposal, consumer to evaluate an orgnaization to begin business, assistance to the understanding of gem artwork value, assistance office of card of price ancient bronze mirror begins professional work. And the internationalization as our country economy, foreign capital insurance company and financial orgnaization are entering our country market in a large-scale, the market demand that gem headgear artwork evaluates will increase considerably, the value that gem headgear artwork assesses increasingly protruding shows. Gem headgear is evaluated mortgaging in safe, auction, hock, bank fairness of liquidation of financing of loan, industry, asset, taxation, belongings is broken up, collect, donate the effect with wait for a lot of domain to develop main.
For this, the Ministry of finance allotted recently " the announcement that evaluates management to concern an issue about artwork of normative gem headgear " (the following abbreviation " announcement " ) , estimate of artistic to gem headgear judge administers farther standard. "The issuance of this file is mixed to guiding artwork of normative gem headgear is evaluated hold trade act and professional mode have important sense. " Liu Ping tells a reporter.
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