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Korea abolishs gem product consumption tax provides loan for small business
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Korea government near future announces, the special consumer that Korea already decided to abolish is aimed at costly gem product duty. This act will be carried out the most quickly at rising next year, in order to spur the development of local jewelry industry.

Express according to Korea finance and economic ministry, korea is opposite at present price prep above 2 million Han Yuan (2180 dollars) gem product imposes the tax of 20% , at the same time the hope cancels this taxation to will enhance the actual strength of Korea jewelry industry. In the meantime, korea government still plans to opened to be used at the technicality research center that jewelry industry develops 2008, study gem sale and design technically. The government still will rise to allocate funds every year 10 years to support this center continuously from 2009 700 million Han Yuan.  

Whether is the government still the small business that makes system of Korea gem owner to offer low interest to borrow money in the consideration at present, and whether to gem is purchased and offer the annual interest of 4.75% to lead to support its.

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