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Gem is stuck soon " quality reputation proof "
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Association of jade of Fujian Province treasure will be carried out since December " quality reputation proves " mode, in order to build system of credit of quality of gem jewelry industry. According to this system, begin this month, the gold jewelry headgear that association of the jade that save treasure will apply for to putting forward produces manufacturer and gem sale to undertake selectiving examination all right, quality eligible will be obtained " quality reputation proves " , begin to show sign of eye position paste in shop from December.

Every half an year is checked one second

Wang Naizhu of secretary-general of association of the jade that save treasure expresses, "Quality reputation proves " period of efficacy is 1 ~ 6 months. Among them, manufacturing business holds card period of efficacy to be a month, shopkeeper holds card period of efficacy to be 6 months. Decide such time paragraph, because the manufacturing cycle of gem headgear is a month commonly,be, and sale cycle is half an year.

According to introducing, every half an year will be checked all right to gem henceforth, once be sold by fish unqualified gem headgear, "Quality reputation proves " will be called in. The exchange goods when to be on guard the businessman is checked, association still will be passed selective examination temporarily, masses informs against the means such as the examination, strengthen industry government, after for instance the citizen bought jewel, detect the appraisal result of the station shows is inferior gem, "Quality reputation proves " also can be called in.

As we have learned, after people bank cancels system of gold business certificate, at present the production of gold jewelry product leaves factory generally without executive product system of certificate of approval, in retail terminal, consumer discerns very hard the quality of gold jewelry how. And appeared on near future market a few be short of jin little the gold jewelry of two, especially pure gold bracelet, on the low side of its gold content. Association of the jade that save treasure says, this is association prepares to start " quality reputation proves " because of,move. The reporter still understands, this action of association of jade of Fujian Province treasure still is belonged to in the whole nation first.

Many businessmen wish to apply for

Fuzhou east many jewel that market opening takes express all right, the businessman that production sells eligible gem jewelry can apply for gladly " quality reputation proves " , after all the credit that this can increase a businessman is spent. But " quality reputation proves " how does the effect return existence variable, if attend the businessman is not much, new pattern effect can sell at a discount greatly.

Also a few is not member unit to think, receive distributor of controlled controlled jewelry to not be willing, this system is not quite fair, did not take " quality reputation proves " the businessman may be affected because of this business, they hope association can be right member and blame member treat equally without discrimination.
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