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Time Yu: J of tiny fragments of stone of Fei of 9 box deer receives favour of π
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One batch approves bullion gem headgear, type from only evidence declare at customs clear close, arrive to be sent toward world each district by company of professional escort in transportation from sampling inspection, finish inside a hall entirely, around needs 10 minutes only at most. Afore-mentioned setting, be opposite an a lot of gem of Yu for the enterprise, it is the issue that wanted to also do not have the courage to think in the past.  
3 years short come, profit from time Yu custom carries out concentration to jewelry industry garden type, specialization management, " one-stop " superintendency mode, reach major to detect what circulate company form a complete set with content is convenient quality, guangzhou time the gem production company of Yu area is added from many 100 reach many 220 of this year, broke up of one times.

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