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Association of jade of Fujian Province treasure rolls out system of gem headgear
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15 days begin this month, association of jade of Fujian Province treasure will be carried out in the light of gem jewelry manufacturer and shopkeeper " quality reputation proves " (abbreviation QCP) system. Come day after day, association of the jade that save treasure acts the role of manufacturer home to undertake in advance investigates sampling observation to Fuzhou gold, discovery is being produced and sell the backside of sudden huge profits of obtain of jewelry of low lubricious gold, still exist between manufacturer of jewelry of a few gold and sale business " black eat black " phenomenon.
According to introducing, jewelry of a few gold is retail gold orders jewelry of low lubricious gold actively to manufacturer all right, pretend to be low of jewelry of high quality gold to sell with low quality in the market next, in order to achieve the goal of malign competition. As a result of jewelry of these low quality gold, "Low space " very big, although low is sold, still have quite sizable profit.
Meanwhile, manufacturer of jewelry of a few gold is small to travel of a few retail gold the order of quality gold jewelry, makings decide retail gold to won't be opposite all right the product quality that order undertakes sending check, accordingly, the requirement that also did not go by retail gold offers money, offer money with containing Troy under what retail gold asks all right however. Be like, general and retail gold is to the manufacturer content that order all right 98% or the gold jewelry of 97% , requirement manufacturer tags impress of golden act the role ofing for 99% , manufacturer is used " black eat black " practice, give only 96% or the quality of 95% , lower even.
Association of the jade that save treasure warns customer, accurate brand must identify when consumer buys gold to act the role of, act as with low quality gold with avoiding to be bought the gold of pure gold is acted the role of article.

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