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Headgear manufactures new technology: Beforehand buy gem platinic gold is pourin
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Enchase with handiwork compare, put gem to undertake a metal in cere beforehand pouring have a lot of advantage, consequently, the belt is lapidary and pouring now in gem commonly used technology already was become in making.

This technology more than 10 years ago still is in phase of research and development, product quality and applied field are very narrow. But because efficiency of this technology production is tall, suit batch production very much, reason caused people to improve the great interest of this technology.

What profit does this technology have? The clearest advantage is a basis inlaid reachs stand or fall of the quality that cut worker worker easily hard with matrix design, cost of lapidary inlaid labor can be saved 50% to 90% . Be like, one contains 20 princesses square carve chamfer to set the ring of diamond, set about 4 hours when needing by hand, and set 20 minutes are in in candle enough already. In addition, because be in cooling process,the metallic casting mould all round gem contracts somewhat, the metal holds even ground in the palm to be pressed on gem, reason is enchased very firmly.

Set gem basically have in the candle method that go up the following two:

1, in model of balata of will lapidary park, the candle of inject is all round gem flow. Burn miss the opportunity from inside the model when candle, gem has been set on.

2, set gem directly in candle model in. The carve that law of this one party suits all types, also suit all sorts of types enchase.

In light of the positive result that obtains at present, comfortable at beforehand the gem with pouring buy has: Diamond, very important is, the color of diamond must be natural look, without processing, spend completely not under S2; Ruby, quality is close friends, did not pass any processing; Sapphirine, note and ruby are the same as.

Want to achieve good result, right pouring the almost all measure of working procedure needs to do some adjust;

1, the proper preparation of former model is crucial. Operation must by right beforehand buy gem is pouring the master worker that has experience undertakes;

2, right choice balata and proper balata cut method have important sense to final result;

3, the inject candle of only and certain type is used at this one working procedure;

4, must use correct tool accurate without set gem by accident in candle;

5, when what computation needs pouring metallic weight, stone must eliminate to be besides weight of whole candle tree again;

6, when preparation casting mould, should do to the scale of casting pink and water some adjust. Need to add to gem it is this only one pouring the liquid of a kind of protection that the technology develops: Pt-D;

7, burn break temperature to answer a bit some lower, damage in case lapidary; But use defend technology: The Pt-S alloy that develops for this only is more safe;
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